Nicolas Jules's chiseled pop

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the essential Well known to spectators of the Bijou, in Toulouse, Nicolas Jules, released “Yeti”, a new album, sunny and endearing, which alternates songs and instrumental. Portrait of a singular singer.

Nicolas Jules has been making resound for twenty years and ten albums a singular and poetic “little music” which belongs only to him. His new record, “Yeti”, punctuated by instrumentals, is undoubtedly one of his best. “I wanted those breaths out of the 14 songs on the album, which I’ve written over the past ten years and performed on my own. Tom Waits or Dylan had a great influence on me, British pop as well, but also French songs for years 39… I know that we can sing in French in s ‘inspiring Talking Heads. ” With his chiseled pop and his lyrics that don’t look at each other’s navel, Nicolas Jules is aware of being out of tune. “I think that in order to be a big star and reach a large audience, you have to really want it and I may not have that desire, that vitality. I hold on to my path of freedom.” Like a laborious craftsman, like the carpenter will build a solid and stable chair, Nicolas Jules writes worthy songs that he sings all over France: he has given more than 2000 concerts everywhere, always with this disarming modesty and humor: “I sincerely think that I am not someone very gifted, but I have this desire pegged to the body to write songs and I think I learned a little more with each disc. ” In an ideal world, Nicolas Jules is on TV every night and we learn the refrain of “Flee” (“I have an imagination to spare / But I do not try to enrich myself”) in the schools. One thing is certain: his tour will pass through Toulouse next year, where he has solid ties and unwavering admirers. Strongly 2022.

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