New Zealand: “Doug”, the largest potato in the world weighs 7.9 kilos

the essential It is certainly the world record. While weeding their garden, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown came across a huge potato weighing 7.9 kilos.

Heavier than a newborn, the potato discovered on 30 August by a New Zealand couple was named “Doug”. This potato weighs no less than 7.9 kilograms and could be the largest potato in the world, reports Cnews. In Guinness World Records, the heaviest potato weighed 5 kilos, in 2011. The couple therefore asked Guinness to recognize “Doug” as the fattest in the world.

Gardeners Colin and Donna Craig-Brown show off their potentially record-breaking 7.8kg potato.

The couple discovered the monster spud when digging a cucumber bed and think it must have self-seeded. They have named it Doug.

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– Sky News (@SkyNews) November 4, 2021

While waiting for Guinness’ response, the couple’s potato is living a life of local celebrity. In order to show it to as many people as possible, Colin even built a small platform with wheels.

The huge potato was placed in a freezer while awaiting an expertise to approve the record. But it could find a second life before it ends in puree: a distiller has shown himself very interested in making vodka.

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