New York: former delinquent turned policeman, who is Eric Adams the new black mayor of the city?

the essential Former delinquent turned policeman then politician, Eric Adams beat his Republican rival, Curtis Sliwa, on Tuesday 2 November. At 61 years old, he became the second black mayor in New York history.

Former black policeman and anti-racist unionist in New York, Eric Adams, becomes the future mayor of the city, an extraordinary journey for this poor child of Brooklyn, a young delinquent turned politician with the grip of the Democratic Party.

Second African-American mayor in New York history

He is only the second African-American mayor in New York history. The former police officer and anti-racist activist Eric Adams won hands down the mayoralty of the American megalopolis on Tuesday, an extraordinary journey for this child from a poor family who had flirted with crime.

The elected Democrat of 58 years crushed his Republican rival Curtis Sliwa as planned, 67 years, according to preliminary results from the city’s election office. Eric Adams thus won 61% of the votes cast against approximately 22% for Curtis Sliwa, in a city classified on the left but where the economic and social inequalities between different communities are extremely marked.

“Tonight, I realized my dream and, with all my heart, I will remove the barriers that prevent you from achieving yours”, launched the new city councilor, all smiles, white shirt and thumbs up in front of his supporters gathered in a hotel in Brooklyn.

“It was about time. The workers now have a voice,” said Jakwan Rivers, black American president of a neighborhood association and friend of the new mayor.

Former offender

This victory is in fact a consecration for Eric Adams, raised by disadvantaged parents from Brooklyn and Queens where he experienced delinquency and violent police arrests before becoming a police captain and creating a union to fight against racism. . He then entered politics, elected local Democrat of the State and the city of New York, springboard towards the town hall.

Close to popular and financial circles

In tears after voting Tuesday morning in his hometown, Eric Adams felt that this election represented social revenge for the “little guy” he was in his youth and therefore for working class New Yorkers.

“It’s historic!” Exclaimed Anthony Williamson, a worker of 36, after having voted Adams: “It is great. It shows that we all have a chance of making it in New York and America, whatever their skin color. “

In the last days of the campaign focused on insecurity, the new mayor had caught up on television with Curtis Sliwa, a colorful character, still wearing a red beret and who created in 1979 a kind of militia, the “guardian angels”, voluntary patrols supposed to fight against attacks in the streets, alongside the police.

The former police officer Eric Adams was again very applauded Tuesday evening when he again pledged to be intractable against crimes and offenses whose indicators have turned red in 2020. “We’re not just going to talk about security, we’re going to have security,” he promised.

Until the last hours of the campaign, he displayed himself as a defender of the middle and working classes, but also as a close friend of Manhattan’s business community, the world’s financial lung.

000 years as police captain

The successor of the unpopular Bill de Blasio will manage the largest municipal budget in the United States: 67, $ 7 billion for the fiscal year 2021 – 2022.

Eric Adams will also have control over the largest police force in the country (NYPD, 34.

. employees), whose reforms he will have to pursue, but without alienating his former powerful and unionized body of origin.

Become a police officer when New York was a cutthroat in the years 1980, he goes there 000 years up to the rank of captain. In 1995, he founded a union there which still fights against racism.

Because in its history, the New York police force has often been accused of turning a blind eye to violent, racist and corrupt agents. And she was again the target of complaints in 2020 for the suppression of anti-racist demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter movement, after the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

He is vegan

In a city that has paid a heavy price for the pandemic (34. 1995. dead), Eric Adams will have to manage the returns to normal of schools, offices and businesses. Also fight against glaring social inequalities, poor housing, poor infrastructure, climate risks. Finally close Rikers Island, a terrible overcrowded, ultra-violent and unsanitary prison.

Finally, Eric Adams is very proud to have gone vegan in 2016 to cure his diabetes and wrote a cookbook to convince African Americans to do the same.

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