Netflix: you can use shuffle mode on your phone

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(ETX Daily Up) – If you don’t know what to watch on Netflix anymore, this feature might help. As of now, the streaming platform allows users to launch shuffle mode on their phone. Out of inspiration? Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčresponsible for selecting a new program to discover.

Between “Squid Game”, the third season of “Sex Education” or the arrival of “Seinfeld”, the subscribers from Netflix have plenty to deal with. However, for the most undecided among them, Netflix finally makes it possible to rely on a new very practical feature. Called “Play Something”, the option allows you to randomly launch a program present on the platform and never watched by a user.

Available now, “Play Something” is only accessible for the moment to subscribers using the application on their Android smartphone, we learned . The mode is also deployed on the application accessible via televisions.

Apple users will have to wait a little longer before seeing this feature appear on their smartphone. Netflix has indicated that it is planning tests on iOS in the coming months without mentioning specific dates.

It is in May 2021 that the American giant had launched the first tests of its “Play Something” tool on its Android mobile application.

The American giant is increasingly focusing on the development of its mobile application. Recently, Netflix announced the improvement of its download tool, allowing its subscribers to watch a program even if its download was not completely complete. A function also available on Android and pending on iOS. The audio had also been accentuated with the option of deactivating the video to keep only the sound, in podcast version.

iPhone users were still able to test a new option with “Fast Laughs”, still unavailable on Android, allowing to consult a selection of humorous clips from the comedies present in the Netflix catalog. A tool specially designed for mobile use.

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