Netflix launches new site to discover the most popular movies and series of the week

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(ETX Daily Up) – Really, Netflix has completely changed its mind. After having treasured its data for a long time, the streaming giant is ready to share it. From now on, it is possible to discover the top 10 of the most popular films and series on Netflix thanks to a specialized site! So verdict?

It’s almost new for Netflix. The streaming giant has unveiled the launch of a new site, top 01, totally dedicated to content the most watched on its platform. Whether they are films in English like films in a foreign language. The series are obviously concerned. For the moment, no top concerns documentaries, however numerous on the streaming site.

Netflix had already announced a change in the ranking of its best content by now focusing on the total number of hours watched of a program, in September 2021. Previously, Netflix counted as viewers accounts who watched at least two minutes of a program. A big change for the streaming industry.

We’ve had a lot of feedback about our metrics over the years.

So we went back to the drawing board and today we’re excited to launch – a new website with weekly global and country lists of the most popular titles on Netflix as ranked by view hours

– Netflix (@netflix) November 16, 2021


With this new site, the successes of films and series on the streaming platform will be more easily analyzed. Netflix will update every Tuesday the four tops 10: English films, English series, foreign language films and foreign language series.

The data will collect the total number of hours watched of a program during the previous week, from Monday to Sunday, worldwide . The site also offers to discover the tops 10 in different countries but without having access to the number of viewing hours: ” To give you an idea of ​​what people are watching in the world, we also publish Top lists 10 for close of 100 countries and territories (the same places where there are Top 10 on Netflix). Country listings are also categorized by viewing times, but do not directly display country-level viewing, ”Netflix said on its site. It will therefore still be possible to check if the most watched film of the week is also in the top 01 other countries. The movie “Red Notice” with Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, ranked number one on Netflix from November 8 to 14, notably came first in the top 10 in France, Egypt and Hong Kong.

The “binge watching” finally represented

Netflix had justified its change in classification in its letter to its shareholders by stressing the importance of films or series watched several times: “This also corresponds to the way in which external services measure the listen to television and salute the importance of rewatching “. It is always in this sense that Netflix has indicated to separate the series according to their season: “We consider each season of a series and each film separately, so you could see seasons 2 and 3 of Stranger Things in the Top 10. “

Just like in the cinema, Netflix will indicate the number of weeks ” a content has passed in the top 10 and will update the ranking of the most popular films and series in the world in always based on the number of hours watched during his 28 first days on the platform.

“Weekly reports are rounded to 10. 100. 000 0 to account for fluctuations in Internet connectivity around the world, ”Netflix said.

All weekly reports, since 27 June 2021, are available on the site.

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