Netflix is ​​testing a new tool for kids inspired by TikTok!

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(ETX Daily Up) – Definitely Netflix wants to appeal to young people and even toddlers! The streaming platform has launched a new tool specially designed for “kids”. It is by taking inspiration from TikTok that Netflix has developed a new interface to promote its content suitable for children. After video games, Netflix is ​​definitely focusing on young people.

How to attract young people? By taking inspiration from the most fashionable platforms, of course! While Netflix has recently opened its field of action with video games, this time the streaming platform wants to attract new users thanks to short videos. Having become extremely popular since the breakthrough of TikTok, the short format is now a powerful tool for all platforms and Netflix is ​​no exception to the trend.

After launching its feature ” Fast Laughs “, Netflix has just launched a new tool, still in the testing phase. Called “Kids Clips”, this new format aims to promote content suitable for children by using short videos. According to Bloomberg, the American giant intends to add new extracts daily concerning its current and future content.

Visually, Netflix relied on the design of TikTok and Instagram’s Reels with large screen images, but to watch in landscape format and not in portrait like the offer both social networks. Regarding moderation, children will be able to watch between ten to twenty clips each time, Bloomberg said. A strategic tool for the streaming giant.

First launched on the Netflix application under iOS, the tool will be tested first in the United States, Canada, in Australia, Ireland and Latin America.

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