Nerac. A partnership soon to be signed between the school and the Naval Aviation

the essential As part of the establishment of a defense class at the Jacques-de-Romas vocational school, the establishment is preparing to welcome the Naval Aviation of the French Navy .

“High school students will understand the importance of this option.” The day after the establishment of a defense and global security class at Jacques-de-Romas high school, Philippe Maradènes, deputy headmaster of the high school, does not hide his pride: “On November 9, we will welcome the Flotilla 35 F of the Naval Aviation of the French Navy for the official signing of a partnership. “

” Understand the commitment for the Nation “

Indeed, since the start of the September school year 2021, the vocational school has a Defense and Global Security class. A device resulting from a partnership between the Hyères naval aeronautical base and the establishment, which subsequently led to the creation of this option.

“The Defense class concerns students of the 3rd preparatory course and allows young people to be trained in citizenship, in the values ​​of Defense and in the various professions present within the Flotilla 35 F “explains Philippe Maradènes. The spearhead of naval aeronautics, the flotilla designates a combat unit equipped in particular with armed planes and helicopters.

Craftsman of this partnership, Lieutenant-Commander Richard Agenet insists on the educational role of the device: “With the support of two history teachers from the high school and the Navy, the Defense class is a citizen course aimed at young people. and which allows in particular to explain the commitment for the Nation, the values ​​of National Defense “details the departmental assistant for the Navy.

During their school year, the students in this class will be trained in the operation of this flotilla through lectures and educational outings: “The students will go to Hyères to discover all this with their own eyes”, continues the captain.

Ambassadors of remembrance

In addition, young Néracais will participate in commemorative ceremonies and will be able to learn from the stories of veterans who will intervene with them.

A diversity in the program justified by the desire to provide answers above all: “The 3rd preparatory class brings together young people who are wondering, who want to find a job that suits them. The Defense class system is precisely there. to provide benchmarks and show another aspect of security and defense “adds Philippe Maradènes.

On November 9, therefore, it is with great pomp that the Var flotilla will be welcomed into the establishment of Nérac for the official signing of the partnership, undoubtedly arousing the vocations of sailors among the youth of the Lycée Jacques-de- Romas.

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