NATO Parliamentary Assembly: Senator from Tarn Philippe Folliot re-elected group president

the essential The senator from Tarn remains the president of the group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, following the session of the NATO parliamentary assembly held last weekend in Lisbon.

Gathered this weekend in Lisbon on the occasion of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly session, parliamentarians from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats unanimously re-elected centrist Senator Philippe Folliot at the presidency of the group.

Third group of the NATO PA after the conservative and socialist groups, the ALD Renew group brings together around 40 parliamentarians from 15 of 30 Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

As a reminder, NATO is the military political alliance which works to promote democratic values ​​and aims to enable States to fulfill their security and collective defense obligations. Its assembly brings together parliamentary delegations from all the Member States and allows for debate and influence on the decisions of the alliance.

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