Narbonne. Geraldine Torres, a free and passionate singer

the essential Music. In concert this Friday for the opening of the Trois Ponts season.

Toulousaine with Spanish origins, Geraldine Torres is a singer, musician and accordionist who passed through the four corners of France to put down her suitcases, recently in the Chaurienne city. “I came to Castelnaudary for love”, she reveals with her eyes with irises as dark as her long curls. After “an atypical school career” where she studied in Toulouse at the music conservatory then at the Lido circus school, she was “rather attracted to the theater and the circus. I dreamed of a life of caravan shows . Then I quickly started to music and trained myself on the accordion “. In her twenties, she turned to writing and began writing for her all-female group, “Face à la mer”. “I am not able to make up stories, I can only write about what I see, about the emotions, my life and that of others”.

” Life on the bones “

Géraldine writes for this group with which she tours for 10 years, then decides to start a solo career. “I wanted to stop having a group consensus and devote myself only to myself. I no longer wanted to make group artistic concessions, I wanted something visceral”.

Her desire for independence led her to the release of a first album: “La vie sur les os”. Why this title? “It’s my way of saying that it’s something that wants to be deep but that remains light. There was a work of composition with the musicians on the songs that I wrote. Then we played. Before recording, we brought the songs to life in test concerts, ”she says, still smiling. “It’s a bit of a Spanish inn this album, I have sailed from folk to tango to French song. I have explored a lot of universes, but what connects it all is my voice and the instruments which are always the same “. Between guitar, drums, violin and Geraldine’s voice, “what is most highlighted are the strings”. An album available at the media library for those who want to discover Geraldine’s universe.

On the Chaurienne stage

To discover the arias of this free and passionate singer, influenced by Allain Leprest, Renaud, la Mano Negra or Lhasa de Sela, come to Castelnaudary for the opening of the Trois Ponts theater season this Friday 24 September, where she will be accompanied by Guillaume Heiser on guitar. “Before I was a tracker on stage, now I live it as a great pleasure. I need to sing and I hope that I will continue as Anne Sylvestre until 80 years “.

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