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(AFP) – Composer of the soundtrack of the film “Petit Paysan”, DJ, sound sculptor for rappers like SCH, Myd is above all a signature of electro to follow, author of a bright album, served by crazy clips.

Contrary to appearances, the thirty-something does not disperse. He patiently built a career that began in a collective (Club Cheval) which has now disappeared. And is now harvesting the fruit of its integration four years ago into the prestigious Ed Banger stable, which hosts among others the sizes Justice, SebastiAn, Breakbot or even Mr Oizo.

” I entered Ed Banger’s through … the door (laughs), I was without family after the Club Cheval stop and I came to see Pedro (Winter, Ed Banger boss) with pieces, because we don’t will never repeat it enough to artists, everything starts from there, music, well before answering the question – which will be my logo? – “confides Myd, met by AFP in the Parisian premises of Ed Banger.

Under the sponsorship of Pedro Winter (who was also the historical manager of Daft Punk), Myd has developed a sound and visual identity that hits the mark.

The singer-songwriter released in the spring “Born A Loser” (“Born Loser”), an album that slowly infused and suddenly won. Myd, currently launched in a tour which passes this week by La Cigale in Paris, has even just announced an Olympia for 27 September 2022.

– “One side Peter Sellers” –

While the duo Justice shines internationally with an electro that beats up and an image of rock stars (biker jacket, worn tight jeans, etc. ) Myd walks pieces of sunshine / melancholy alloy and a baroque look in the middle of the turntables (mustache or small fallow beard, unmarked white cap, sunglasses with dark glasses and other disparate clothing assemblages).

From the outset, he stood out with the cover of his first mini-album in 50, “All Inclusive”. We see the one who frequents the mixing consoles more than the fitness rooms, naked, from behind, on the pontoon of a cruise ship. A self-mocking shot taken without special effects.

“Alice Moitié (photographer accomplice) is very far from me at this moment, and most of the people on the cruise ship me. saw me get naked without knowing why (laughs) My mother, for my solo cover, imagined it would be me, super-beautiful Studio Harcourt way: she was a little shocked but the cover became so iconic that she is done there “, he narrates.

In the continuation, the video of” Let You Speak “, among others, reveals the behind the scenes of a recording of sound effects in the heart of nature. “This left side, fun and tender, it reminds me of Peter Sellers in + The Party +, one of my favorite films”, rejoices to AFP Pedro Winter.

– “The Outsider” –

This clip refers to the studies of Myd, who, after an audiovisual BTS, had won the ranks of Fémis, a famous film school, but in the sound engineering branch. An activity linked to the mixing of the sound of a film, different from a soundtrack It is however for the music of his film that Hubert Charuel, director of “Petit Paysan” (2017). The filmmaker had spotted Myd at the Femis and had bonded with him. “He had been offered composers that were too classic for his taste and he said to himself + ah, I’m going to ask the outsider instead, the guy who missed classes a bit and who didn’t come to the movies at night + ( laughs) “, relates Myd.

Because the Fémis was only a way of technical exploration for Myd, who knew that he would end up in music. Him, who from 10 years “hacked” his father’s computers, hypnotized by Fatboy Slim, Prodigy or the Chemical Brothers.

“I’m building a recording studio right now, it’s the culmination of what I wanted, it’s more important than my apartment”, he concludes. In house music, he is already at home.

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