Music: MaMA, a festival with a feminine accent

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(AFP) – At a time when we are talking about the visibility of women in current music, the MaMA, a Parisian pioneering festival scheduled from Wednesday to Friday, presents a 60% feminine program, without making it a militant act.

“Even if we lend pay attention to these questions of the place of women in music, the programming was not done by + booking + (selecting) an artist because she is a woman. It was done very naturally and we are very happy with it “, explains to AFP Ségolène Favre-Cooper, programmer of the event which highlights emerging talents (MaMA, for Current music market).

Among the some 80 musicians / authors / composers / performers programmed, festival-goers – and professionals attracted by the meeting – will thus be able to attend the performance of KT Gorique, spectacular Swiss rapper of Ivorian origin.

“She is unbelievable ble, it is enough to see her on stage to understand, it is an energy, a talent, a rap which is crazy “, underlines the person in charge. The rapper had already easily overturned a Dutch-speaking venue at the early Eurosonic festival 2020 in the Netherlands. The thirty-something, also an actress, is already nicknamed the “Swiss army knife of rap” for her multiple talents.

Among the other female headliners, we can also quote Marina Satti (pop, from Greece) or Crystal Murray, soul nugget, “talent out of nowhere” as described by the filmmaker Cédric Klapisch, who directed one of his clips.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Parisian rock combo Lulu Van Trapp, led by the baroque Rebecca Baby.

Among the boys, Sopico, rapper and outstanding guitarist, seen in the Netflix event series “The Eddy”, as well as the surprising Terrier (explosive rock / rap / song cocktail), will also be worth the trip.

The festival, organized in eight rooms, in the Pigalle and Montmartre districts of Paris, could not be held in 2020 because of the health crisis.

Si 6. 00 0 music professionals are expected us, the event does not advance on the expected public attendance. “We are no exception to the rule of people who make up their minds at the last minute, it’s a bit like the rule of autumn”, comments Ségolène Favre-Cooper.

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