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(AFP) – Always so magnetic: Damon Albarn, leader of Blur and Gorillaz, returns solo, inspired by Iceland, his country of heart, and inhabited by the memory of his companion Tony Allen, legendary drummer disappeared.

The magic operates on record and on stage, as when the Englishman performs in November in Paris, at La Gaîté Lyric, as part of Arte Concert Festival. At the piano, in the middle of his musicians, in a central stage surrounded by the public, the dashing quinqua delivered a bewitching set, with his new songs, in an even different register.

“He always bounces elsewhere, he remained open to everything, he is one of the only artists to have a fairly varied palette and such curiosity. He touches everything but he has this recognizable voice that immediately triggers the imagination. “, decrypts for AFP José Correia, in charge of the programming of Arte Concert.

” One wonders + what will he do tomorrow? + Tomorrow, he will surprise us again “, he continues.

The nice surprise The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows”, it is already his new album with the title with extension “The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows”.

Various accidents of course have leads to its beautiful melancholy. rd started with an order for a work for the Festival of Lights, an event in the French city of Lyon. Albarn had carte blanche.

Never where you would expect, he invites a mini symphonic ensemble to play, taking inspiration from the changing light and landscape observed behind the bay window of his house in Reykjavik.

– Snæfellsjökull and Jules Verne –

Iceland and him, it’s an old story. He bought a house there to escape the London groupies of the days of Blur’s splendor in the years 1990. The Icelandic environment fascinates him, a volcanic rock adorns the album cover.

“This is something that I had fantasized about for years: retracing (in music) the movements of the weather, how they draw the landscape in a given period “, he confides in the notes of intention of his disc.

L ‘place where he lives makes you dream: “Through the window, you can see Mount Esja, the sea, and even on a clear day the Snæfellsjökull, glacier and volcano in the heart of + Voyage to the center of the earth + by Jules Verne”, describes -il.

But the health crisis occurs and the Festival of Lights, scheduled for December 2020, is canceled. A few months earlier, in April, Tony Allen died. This drummer-founder of the Afrobeat, companion of Fela Kuti’s beginnings, had become a friend of Albarn, the rhythmic base of his group The Good The Bad & The Queen and a contributor to his other project, Gorillaz.

– Brexit and the health crisis –

The pieces of the puzzle fit together. Music composed in Iceland cannot sit in a drawer. Putting your voice there to translate your intimate upheavals and those experienced by the world becomes obvious. “The Nearer The Fountain …” is a line from a poem by the Briton John Clare (18 – 1864). It is a meditation on the breaths of a nature indifferent to human grief.

In the title track, we hear Albarn singing “Thinking of life who laughed on your face / In this beautiful past so sorry now “. The image of Tony Allen, always mischievous behind his drums with The Good The Bad & The Queen, stands out when listening.

Unparalleled sound architect, Albarn made the original Icelandic bands a beautiful pop object, with injections of jazz or electro. The torments of the world pulsate in pieces like “The Cormorant” (reference to Brexit with “Am I imprisoned on this island?”) Or “Particles”, or these “Particles” become the enemy to be fought with masks and barrier gestures .

“I think that many records made during this period (of health crisis) will document this era”, he further advances in his intention notes. True, but few will be this beautiful.

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