Music / Cinema: Laurent Garnier, a supersonic life

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(AFP) – Quentin Tarantino, Donna Summer, the Legion of Honor and the Mafiosi in China: it’s time for the roller coaster when Laurent Garnier, sacred monster of electro, is told for AFP on the occasion of a documentary film on his career.

“Laurent Garnier, it is the DJ that listen to the DJs “: it is Jeff Mills, monument of techno, who says it in” Laurent Garnier, Off the record “, energizing documentary film. The work will be on tour in certain cinemas from November 1, in the presence of the artist and the director Gabin Rivoire (dates on

Eclectic composer and producer, Garnier is best known for his DJ career that began in the years 1980 at the Haçienda, legendary Manchester club, before touring the globe as a star on the turntables. This bon vivant he met at the Rex Club in Paris, his second home, where he started as a DJ at night during his military service, tells in a communicative laughter the anecdotes collected during his travels.

Like when he first mixed in China. “I found myself working with mega-mafia guys over there, but you don’t know that until you go.”

– “Mirror ball” –

“With my friend Fred who accompanies me, we are notices that we did not go through customs with all our records at the airport, but the guy with a big cigar and a completely scarred face came to pick us up and said “it’s not a problem”. “There, we said to ourselves, it’s + dodgy dodgy + (fishy in English)” continues Garnier, who then discovers that the organizer of the evening has hairdressing salons to dilute less identifiable income. .

At the end of this evening, we lead Garnier and his sidekick to another neighboring box, where they come across Quentin Tarantino “dead borage” (drunk). “He tells us + it’s a shame that you have a show tomorrow, I’m shooting a film and I need extras, it’s with Uma Thurman, it’s about karate +, and obviously we haven’t heard yet talk about + Kill Bill + “. “My friend Fred, torn, said + ah well, you like karate, I’m going to show you me + and he throws it on the ground! We ended up rolling all three on the ground with Tarantino laughing “.

But how did it all start? The sound and the image remained. As a child, he was in his parents’ car who had just dropped off his older brother in front of a nightclub. From there, he hears the disco hit “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer and glimpses the still deserted dance floor on which the mirror ball is reflected. “This dream of making people dance, which I have since a kid, is associated with this image of this mirror ball, its rays hitting the ground, it’s very ecstatic.”

– “Battles” –

Garnier could relate , hilarious, his memories tasty for hours. But the fifty-year-old also knows how to be a lawyer and ambassador of an electronics often criticized or snubbed. He himself has only recently experienced it. Involved in an educational project in a school environment, he worked there with plastic arts and English teachers. “But the music teacher didn’t want to, she said + techno is not music, music is classical +. It’s a crazy thing!” He breathes. .

“It’s funny, the film was over before confinement and we said to ourselves + we have almost won all our battles for electro +, but confinement has arrived and clubs have disappeared from the vocabulary of politicians, ”he says. “I was given the Legion of Honor, but when you see that, that the clubs are forgotten, do you throw it away? Or do you use it?”. He chose the second option and highlighted this decoration in an open letter calling for support for the musical world of the night (clubs, DJs, etc.) during confinement. And to conclude: “There are still many battles to be fought”.

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