Montech. Dany Dorf, a tango prince who settles in the town

the essential A great Franco-Uruguayan artist, the musician singer Dany Dorf, settled in Montech in Tarn-et-Garonne with his love for Latin American folklore.

The town can be proud of having among its inhabitants an international singer-musician in the person of Franco-Uruguayan-Argentinian Dany Dorf.

Born in 1965, in Montevideo, Uruguay, of French nationality, Dany started music very early, in harmony, in Buenos Aires. He takes singing, guitar and piano lessons, he wants to make music his job. Dany le Montbartiéren will play in several groups including Ganzua, Cuerda Y Voz, Notre Quartet and solo. He will perform pieces in films, musicals.

Tango and Argentine folklore

Arrived in France in 2003 with Lorena, he will settle permanently in Montbartier with his family.

Dany continues to write, sing and play the guitar. Lately, he recorded an album, “El Quia”, which has been thought, created and worn by Dany Dorf since 2017, year during which he made his comeback on the Argentinian scene

Shortly after settling in Toulouse, he sang tango in the group Ganzua and strengthened his practice, as well as his love for Latin American folklore thanks to the group Cuerda y Voz.

Recently, he performed in Buenos Aires in the Auditorium of the Sadem (Argentinian Union of Musicians), sharing the stage with great artists in a full house. It was at this time that the idea was born in him to perform concerts as a soloist and to embark on the production of his first album.

In contact with the greatest musicians

“El Quia” is therefore the result of an artistic research inspired by big names in tango and Argentinian folklore such as Chango and Marian Farias Gomez, Los Andariegos, El Cuchi Leguizamon and Astor Piazzolla who, in their time, revolutionized the repertoire. classical musical, thus marking the path of Dany, just like Ruben Rada, Uruguayan artist and main personal vocal influence.

The pieces chosen for this album give pride of place to tango, Argentinian folklore and ballads performed in collaboration with renowned Argentinian and international musicians.

At first he tried to contact great musicians with whom he had already shared music at some point in his career and see if anyone wanted to be a part of his album. The response from all the artists invited was immediate and positive. This is how we can say that he managed to have a great return of love from very important artists throughout his entire career.

He is very happy to share with you this work which took him a year to get there, a year of work, energy, love, effort, sharing and emotion!

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