Montauban. When motorhomes come to the Home and Real Estate Fair

the essential Today begins the Living and real estate fair in Euryhtmie. Major novelty of the edition 2021, an exhibition of vans and vans. Meeting with Montauban Camping-Cars.

New exhibitor of this edition 2021 of the Home and Real Estate Fair, Montauban Camping-Cars will be pleased to present their vans and vans to you. “Going to the Show is for us an opportunity to promote this type of living which has a leisure side and which is more and more appreciated by the French” says Marc Cornuau, director of Montauban Camping-Cars, located in Albanord.

In fact, in recent years, and all the more since the health crisis, sales of vans and vans have completely exploded and today represent 51% of the market with motorhomes.

The Montalbanese company also wanted to participate in this event, given that visitors to the show are the core target of Marc’s customers. The objective of the weekend is therefore to present the vehicles and if the opportunity arises, to make sales.

“A spirit of freedom”

Marc notes: “Today 80% of our customers buy a new vehicle, because second-hand vehicles are becoming increasingly rare, due to the freedom they can offer “. The manager of the company indicates that “this spirit of freedom is sought after. Especially by sporty people, such as surfers or hikers, by people attracted by exploration and freedom. But also by families who use their van. as a full-fledged vehicle for their daily life “.

Variable prices from 45 500 €

“The price for a van or a van is similar, with a call price around 45 500 € . Then the price varies according to the arrangement that the customer wishes to give to his vehicle. The two best-selling concepts are the shower with the toilet and the bed with the stove. Here, we only sell vehicles already fitted out. ”

These vehicles almost all have the latest generation tools such as heating, stoves … But they are also equipped with technological products such as a GPS, a TV, a lithium battery to have a long autonomy. These vehicles are therefore being modernized to live as comfortably as possible. The opportunity to go and discover them this weekend.

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