Montauban. The Cathedral Choir is recruiting

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After more than a year of forced interruption of their activity, the choirs can finally meet again and find a regular musical activity. This is the case of the Choir of the Cathedral of Montauban which can thus resume and continue the implementation of a very beautiful and original program dedicated to the members of the Bach family. Indeed, the personality and the gigantic work of Johann Sebastian Bach made us forget that, for nearly two hundred years, many first-rate musicians came out of the Bach family, some of whom produced a work by very high quality, especially in the field of sacred music. It is therefore magnificent and often unpublished works by the uncles, sons and nephews of Johann Sebastian Bach that constitute the program that the Choir of the Cathedral of Montauban is currently working on for a series of concerts in the spring 2022. Choral singing enthusiasts who would like to participate in the development of this program are invited to contact the choirmaster Henri Dasse at 03 63 03 44 18. The choir looks more specifically for male voices, but good female voices are always welcome!

The rehearsals take place in the Saint-Joseph hall (near the tourist office) of 20 h 30 to 22 h 30 every Monday, including during school holidays (excluding summer holidays).

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