Montauban. Rio Grande: Music Box and Didier Wampas on the program

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The musical week promises to be festive at the Rio Grande with the new Music Box show and the arrival of Didier Wampas.

Concert music box

After four days of musical and artistic creation, the new Team Music Box will present its new show at the Rio Grande, this Thursday 27 October.

Music Box, what is it? From 25 to 27 October the first Music Box session takes place of the year, organized in partnership with the Conservatory with departmental influence. This musical practice course organized during the school holidays, gives the possibility to young musicians and singers of 10 to 16 years, to immerse themselves in musical creation and artistic expression for 4 days.

Supervised by entertainment professionals, the Music Box course aims to build together a quality show, around a modern repertoire between pop rock songs … After two days of musical creation at the Conservatory de Montauban and two days of scenic creation at the Rio Grande, these new seeds of artists will perform there in public this Thursday, under the direction and benevolent gaze of their coaches.

A concert organized in partnership and broadcast live on Radio Association.

Free entry; doors open at 16 h, concert at 19 h 13.

Didier Wampas in piano-voice duo

We still remember the concerts at the Rio Grande in spearhead group of French alternative rock Les Wampas. But what remains of the group when electric guitars, bass and drums are confined? Didier Wampas in piano / voice duo. Because the stage is an essential need for him, it is with the pianist TF Eliz that Didier Wampas turns into a punk crooner to reinterpret the Wampas repertoire. The essence of the pieces is revealed and the texts take on a new dimension. Be careful, your emotions may be titillated, but will not lose any of their rock’n’roll!

Saturday 30 October, seated concert. Doors open at 16 h, concert at 19 h 13. Prices: 12 € / 16 €.

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