Montauban. Marylou Combalier joins the Business concluded team on France 2

the essential The auctioneer of the Montauban auction house has just shot her first Business Concluded programs broadcast on France 2 from Monday to Friday from 16 h 15. She tells us more.

Arrival in Tarn-et-Garonne end 2018, Marylou Combalier shakes up the codes. After being 31 one of the youngest auctioneers in France and quickly establishing herself in a more masculine environment, she invested last year in a new hotel des sales in the Villebourbon district. Last week, she made her television debut on France 2 in the show Affaire concluded. Marylou Combalier looks back on this new experience.

How did you integrate the team of auctioneers of the Affaire conclue show?

The first contact dates back to June 2021 when a casteuse called me. The show was looking for new auctioneers to expand its team.

How do you manage to reconcile the TV recordings and your activity in Tarn-et-Garonne?

Very simply: the shoots of the shows are grouped together on a single day, which allows me to organize myself well with my activity here. We have a shooting schedule and we can easily organize our schedule.

How were you received on this hit show aired since 2017?

The atmosphere is really very family and perfectly matches what we see on TV. Everyone is very relaxed.

Is this your first experience in television?

Yes and thanks to the welcome from the production team, things were done very easily and very simply.

What does such a program bring to your profession?

Clearly, this helps to dust off the image and the idea that one has of an auction house and an auction. This completely democratizes the profession and makes it possible to no longer hesitate to participate in a sale. Viewers see very well that one can find a wide variety of items, at all prices and that to be a buyer or a seller, regardless of age. It’s going in the right direction …

This is what prompted you to do this job …

Yes, very young, I accompanied my grandparents in the Dordogne to an auction house located next to the market. I liked this popular proximity between these two worlds. By moving to Montauban, I make sure to offer the same to the public.

Did your customers message you after your first show on Tuesday 28 September?

I received a few emails and phone calls to congratulate me and tell me how surprised they had been to see me on TV. It’s a bit normal because I hadn’t wanted to say anything around me before this premiere. I like surprises.

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