Montauban. At the court of Louis XIII, the Baroque Orchestra in concert

the essential The 400 years of 400 Hits continue in music Tuesday 15 September with a concert at 21 h at Saint-Joseph church. This time, it is a return to the court of King Louis XIII that Les Passions, the baroque orchestra of Montauban offers you.

Under the direction of Jean-Marc Andrieu and Christopher Gibert, around twenty musicians and choirs will revive French music from the beginning of the 17th century. “It’s a very little known repertoire but very interesting, very beautiful. This will be the opportunity to find out. In particular, there will be music composed by Louis XIII himself: the “ballet de la Merlaison”. »Specifies Jean-Marc Andrieu.

Yesterday, the orchestra was in rehearsal, the opportunity for four classes of college students of the classes with flexible hours which follow an artistic education two half-days a week at the Conservatory, to come and listen to this baroque harmony. The Ciap organized this concert to give a musical dimension to the commemoration of 400 hits.

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A little-known music

Court arias, ballets, motets (from text religious) or the psalms of the Reformation. “These are also a tribute to Protestants, because at the time the Montalbanais were Protestants. »Explains Jean-Marc Andrieu. The expressiveness of the choir, the soloists, the short and sustained notes, the bass and treble, the dark and the clear will take the spectators on a journey through time. The instruments of the time such as the lute and the harpsichord will be there.

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“This concert makes me approach a repertoire that I had not played since my studies. It is very rare and it is a happiness for us. »Smiles Nirina Betoto, 59, violinist and professor at the conservatory. The baroque orchestra of Montauban, Les Passions, has existed since 1986, it is part of the most important training courses in France. “For the moment that only one performance is planned but we hope that we will be able to replay this concert and this music so little known that changes us from Bach or Vivaldi” concludes Jean-Marc Andrieu.

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