Moissac. After having crossed the paths, Flâneur returns with Camino

the essential Flâneur came to present his first album called Camino, during an impromptu concert in Moissac. Discovery of an artist who wished to pay tribute to the ways of Compostela and the encounters he made there.

Guitar on his back, full beard, long hair and strained smile, the one who calls himself Flâneur does not go unnoticed. In just a few movements, the young Bordeaux man sets up his microphone on Place Roger-Delthil in Moissac, and strums his first chords. During 45 minutes, he captures the attention of passers-by and tourists with his songs. But who is this artist who has come to offer a surprise concert? And why did you choose Moissac.

It all started three years ago, when Sasha, whose real name was, set off on the roads to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, a bit by chance. “I am hiking in the Ardèche with a friend, and we passed not far from Puy-en-Velay, so we thought it would be nice to do a piece of the paths. started, and finally, the hardest part is to stop, ”says the young thirty-something. Indeed, what was supposed to be just one hike among others turned into an adventure that changed his life.

A tribute to the encounters made on the paths

Sacha first goes through the segment between Le-Puy-en-Velay and Moissac, where he meets “unforgettable”. Last year, he set out again on the roads for a month and a half of walking between Moissac and Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, via Roncesvalles and Irun. An exceptional experience that marks him for life.

On his return to Bordeaux, the musician wants to go further. “I had received so much love on my way that it had to come out, and it was done musically, he assures. I wanted to give back in music what I had been given. Normally my instrument is the piano but there I went quite spontaneously towards the guitar and I wrote songs. “

Last fall he composed the music and found himself with 16 titles… an album. “Each title bears the name of a person met on the roads”, explains the one who wanted to thank them. An opus that turns out to be a great discovery, revealing a nice tone of voice accompanied by a poetic musical arrangement. A nice surprise, with songs performed in several languages ​​”heard on the roads”: French, Spanish, Occitan, and English.


In order to record this album in the studio and print the first copies, Flâneur launches a crowdfunding campaign and collects 3 000 €. “This is my first professional professional project. I started to present my album in a few places in Bordeaux in an acoustic format accompanied by a cellist. But this summer I felt the need to go back on the road to present it to walkers by returning to the places I have visited and going out to meet the public, as here in Moissac “, underlines the artist. He then took the opportunity to offer a concert in a public place, to offer an album to those whose name has become that of one of his songs, and to share his love of the roads with those who still travel them. As a way to come full circle …

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