Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti: the gang that detains the Americans and the Canadian demands $ 17 million in ransom

the essential Five children, five men and seven women were abducted on Saturday 16 October.

The kidnappers behind the kidnapping of 17 North American missionaries on Saturday 16 in October asked 17 million dollars in ransom, one million for each hostage, according to security sources in Haiti.

According to information gathered by AFP, it is the gang “400 mawozo” which is at the origin of this kidnapping. The victims belong to the organization “Christian Aid Ministries”, the latter said in a statement that these people were returning from a visit to an orphanage, when they were abducted, with members of their families.

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U.S. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken said the United States will do “everything possible” to free the American and Canadian missionaries.

“We are relentlessly focused on this issue,” said Antony Blinken, visiting Ecuador. “We will do our best to help resolve the situation,” he added, adding that an FBI team was working on this file. A Haitian armed gang kidnapped 17 missionaries and their families on Saturday, including 16 Americans and a Canadian.

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