Miss France: candidates criticized for retouching their photos on social networks

the essential Candidates for Miss France have been criticized for having retouched their photos on social networks.

The election of Miss France 2022 will be held on 11 next December at the Zénith de Caen to elect the one who will succeed Amandine Petit. 29 candidates will then try to win the coveted crown. While waiting for their big evening, TF1 unveiled the official photos of the Miss on Thursday. Only problem: many Internet users have noticed, with disappointment, the differences between the photos of the candidates, shared on their social networks, and reality.

“We are in a society of image more and more with social networks (…) And this generation of young women has this reflex of retouching the photo much easier”, declared Sylvie Tellier, the director of the competition, from the Parisian . “But you have to differentiate between photos from social networks and our own.”

“With us, there is always a notion of exemplarity, and we do not want to retouch the photos, apart from the chroma of a sky or the sea to make them bluer,” she said. .

Amandine Petit, the current Miss France, even mentioned the subject during her speech to the candidates for the regional elections, report our colleagues. “She told them Ladies, be careful, you are in the Miss France contest, not in the Instagram contest! So you forget your applications, because you are in reality. By retouching too much, you risk generating disappointing reactions when you arrive in the Miss France adventure “.

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