Miss France 2022: photos, route … discover the twenty-nine candidates in competition

the essential Miss France 2022 will be elected on next December in Caen. The twenty-nine candidates were all nominated in regional elections this summer and fall. They will prepare to win the supreme crown.

Who will succeed Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021 elected last December? The new miss will be designated on October at the Zénith de Caen in front of the cameras of TF1 . Miss Tahiti will be back in the competition while Miss Wallis and Futuna will be absent due to the health situation. The 15 November, the misses will fly to Reunion to get to know each other, get ready or take official photos. Discover the twenty-nine candidates who want to become the most beautiful woman in France in 2021.

Les Miss d’Occitanie

> Miss Midi-Pyrénées: Hannah Friconnet – Aged

years old and from Labruguière in the Tarn, Hannah Friconnet follows studies in communication in Toulouse and plans to work in digital or become a community manager. Passionate about cooking, yoga and traveling, she defines herself as “passionate”, “whole” and “emotional”.

> Miss Languedoc-Roussillon: Marion Ratié – Aged

years old and from Redessans in the Gard, Marion Ratié is in the third year of preparatory class and wishes to obtain a diploma in accounting and management. She aspires to become a chartered accountant. She describes herself as “epicurean, dynamic and smiling”.

Misses from other regions

> Miss Alsace: Cécile Wolfrom – Aged

years old and from Strasbourg, Cécile Wolfrom is a sixth year pharmacy student in Strasbourg. She plays tennis, practices the piano and enjoys baking.

) > Miss Aquitaine: Ambre Andrieu – Aged

years old and from Bordeaux, Ambre Andrieux is currently a student in a school engineer in his final year. She wishes to work in physics and chemistry. She also presents a program on the discovery of Aquitaine on the channel TV7 Bordeaux.

> Miss Auvergne: Anaïs Werestchak – Aged

years old, Anaïs Werestchak is a medical student. She is currently an intern at Béziers and wishes to pursue general medicine. No Miss Auvergne has won the title of Miss France to date.

> Miss Bourgogne: Chloé Galissi – Aged

years old, Chloé Galissi is a second year student of BTS real estate. She has already run for Miss Burgundy three times.

> Miss Bretagne: Sarah Conan – Aged 22 years old and from Paimpol (Côtes d’Armor), Sarah Conan is a Master 2 student at the Rennes school of business and wants to be a marketing product manager. She loves water sports: wakeboard, surf or paddle.

> Miss Center-Val-de-Loire: Jade Lange – Aged 18 years old and from Le Malesherbois in Loiret, Jade Lange is a student in language sciences in Orléans. She wants to become a school teacher.

> Miss Champagne-Ardenne: Léna Massinger – Aged 19 years old and from Reims (Marne), Léna Massinger plans to do a BTS in international business to start his own business. Passionate about sport, she has long practiced gymnastics and French boxing. No Miss Champagne-Ardenne has won the title of Miss France to date.

> Miss Corsica: Emma Renucci – Aged 19 years old and from Bastia, Emma Renucci wishes to work in finance to become a trader. She is a student at the University of Paris-Dauphine. She is passionate about contemporary, jazz and classical dance and loves fashion.

> Miss Côte d’Azur: Valeria Pavelin – Aged 24 years old, born in Zagreb in Croatia, Valeria Pavelin wishes to become a surgeon -Dentiste. Her big sister was Miss Côte d’Azur in 773. She had had to give up Miss France for professional reasons.

> Miss Franche-Comté: Julie Cretin – Aged

years old and from Bouverans (Doubs), Julie Cretin is a master’s student in marketing and communication. She defines herself as “reserved” and “sweet” and lives “a little girl’s dream”.

> Miss Île-de-Fance: Diane Leyre – Aged 24 years old and from Paris, Diane Leyre already works as an agent real estate in the capital after obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration. At the same time, she launched her fashion brand to customize handbags. Trilingual, she is an avid reader.

> Miss Limousin: Julie Beve – Aged

years old and from Corrèze, Julie Beve obtained a marketing manager license tourist and a flight attendant diploma. His great passion is horse riding.

> Miss Lorraine : Marine Sauvage – Aged 23 years old and from Ars-sur-Moselle (Moselle), Marine Sauvage is a fifth year student in pharmacy in Nancy. She is passionate about art, writing and literature.

> Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Donatella Meden – Aged 21 years old and from Lambersart (North ). She follows a course specializing in luxury and fashion at the Isefac school in Lille. A model in parallel, Donatella Meden is passionate about cooking, swimming and cinema. She speaks four languages ​​including Croatian and Russian.

> Miss Normandy: Youssra Askry – Aged

years old and from Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), she follows a master’s degree in adapted physical activities and health in Rouen. Youssra Askry’s passions are athletics, cooking and travel.

> Miss Pays-de-la-Loire: Line Carvalho – Aged 20 years old and from Blain ( Loire-Atlantique), she is a student in preparatory class in Lorient and wishes to become an airline pilot. She had already presented herself last year in her region and had finished third runner-up.

> Miss Picardie: Hayate El Gharmaoui – Aged 20 years old and from Compiègne, she is a third year student Sport business studies. Hayate El Gharmaoui was elected on the LR list of COmpiègne – she specifies that she is without a label – and wished to get involved in representing young people from priority neighborhoods. At the same time, she works on a work-study basis with the firefighters of the Oise.

> Miss Poitou-Charente: Lolita Ferrari – Aged 22 years old and from Tonnay-Charente (Charente-Maritime), Lolita Ferrari has created her own brand of cosmetic products.

> Miss Provence: Eva Navarro – Aged 19 years old and from Sausset-les-Pins (Bouches -du-Rhône), she is a second year student in public relations and events school. Eva Navarro works as a professional photo model.

> Miss Rhône-Alpes: Charlotte Faure – Aged 20 years old and from Nîmes, she is a student in BTS communication in Grenoble. She would like to be a sports journalist or work in events. Volleyball is one of her passions since she plays in National 2 in Grenoble.

Les Miss des Outre-Mer

> Miss Guadeloupe: Ludivine Edmond – Aged 19 years old, Ludivine Edmond is a student in accounting and management. She hopes to become a wealth manager. She presented her candidacy to Miss Guadeloupe on a whim on the eve of the closing of the selections.

> Miss Guyana: Mélysa Stephenson – Aged 18 years old, Mélysa Stephenson is studying in license 2 in sociology and parallel studies in digital marketing. Fashion and events are his two main passions. She also chairs an association dedicated to the youth of Guyana.

> Miss Martinique: Floriane Bascou – Aged 18 years old, she is passionate about cooking. His brother, Dimitri Bascou, was a bronze medalist of the 69 m hurdles at the Rio Olympics in 2016. No Miss Martinique has won the title of Miss France to date.

> Miss Mayotte: Anna Ousseni – Aged 23 years old, Anna Ousseni holds a bachelor’s degree in import zone manager. export. No Miss Mayotte has won the title of Miss France to date.

> Miss New Caledonia: Emmy Chenin – Aged 15 years old, Emmy Chenin is a foreign languages ​​license student in Nouméa. She is a volunteer in an association that helps families in precarious situations.

> Miss Reunion: Dana Virin – Aged 22 years old, she is in Master 2 MBFA (Currency, banking, finance , insurance) and works on a work-study basis as an assistant in charge of professional affairs.

> Miss Tahiti: Tumateata Buisson – Aged 23 years old, the young woman is already working in tourism as a communications officer after a professional license in marketing and social networks. Attached to traditions, she has been practicing Tahitian dance since the age of five.


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