Millau. Saturday, France 5 escapes with “Finta!” on the Larzac

the essential The program “Echappées Belles” will be devoted to the legacy of the struggle of Larzac and to life on the plateau through various angles.

While Aveyron will hold its traditional Aveyron market in Paris this weekend, the whole of France will also have its eyes on the department on Saturday evening.

Indeed, at 20 h 55, France 5 devotes its program “Échappées Belles” to the Larzac plateau.

Shot at the beginning of the summer, the report, directed by Erwan Loussot, presented by Sophie Jovillardet filmed by journalist Quentin de Froment, proposes to return to the legacy of the Larzac struggle, but also to discover the great buildings of the plateau, the place of the sheep and the various sporting and tourist activities of the territory.

Behind the scenes of “Finta!”, Aveyron podcast

In this land of innovation and experimentation, a subject will be devoted to new forms of storytelling and therefore to new media. On this occasion, the show followed the Ruthenian journalist Lola Cros, creator of the podcast “Finta!”, Which explores, episode after episode, Aveyron and its rurality. Twice a month, she offers to meet those who embody the diversity and liveliness of the territory.

For the occasion, France 5 followed her to Millau and on the plateau, for the preparation of various subjects devoted to Larzac, but also attended the recording of an interview with the Millavoise Josette Hart, figure of the city du gant, former elected official and nurse, but also sociologist and doctor of science info-com.

Lola Cros had also proposed, last spring, a documentary podcast in three episodes on the fight of Larzac.

“Échappées Belles, Le Larzac, shared land” at 20 h 55 Saturday evening on France 5. Finta:

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