Migrant crisis: Poland to build border wall with Belarus

the essential The migration crisis is bogged down at the borders of Europe. On Monday, the Polish authorities announced that they would start building a wall on the border with Belarus. Several thousand people are currently near the Polish borders.

Poland will start construction of a wall along the border with Belarus, where many migrants are currently massed, in December, and will finish it in the first half of the year 2022, announced on Monday in a press release the Ministry of the Interior.

“The company that we must carry out is an absolutely strategic and priority investment for the security of the nation and its citizens, “said Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski.

The ministry stressed that the corresponding contracts would be signed by 15 December and that the work would start later the same month, the workers having to take turns 24 hours out of 24 in three shifts. The work will cost approximately 353 million euros (407 million dollars) and should extend over 180 kilometers, or about half of the total length of the border between Poland and Belarus.

Parliament gave the green light to its construction last month. Since the summer, thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, have crossed or attempted to cross this border. As a result, Poland dispatched thousands of troops to the border area where it declared a state of emergency, while hastily erecting a fence with sharp barbed wire.

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