Meta: Internet users laugh at the new name of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

the essential This Thursday 28 October, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerger announced that the parent company would now be called Meta. A name that has aroused strong reactions on the networks, with Internet users who make a mockery of this new identity.

This Thursday 28 October, Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, announced Thursday that the parent company would now be called Meta, to better represent all of its activities. The names of the various social networks will however remain unchanged.

“We have learned a lot by facing many problems,” he said, saying that now is the time to learn the lessons to “build the next chapter”. This announcement was made after an hour and a half of presentation of the “metaverse”, “métavers” in French for meta-universe.

The news was greeted with a lot of humor on the networks, Internet users deriding this new name, as well as its creator. A young woman compares this name “Meta” on Twitter to the cult character of the Star Wars saga “Meesa”.

The name has also been misused by many Internet users. Some have even compared this new identity to the same tendencies.

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