Marthe Mercadier, figure of the boulevard theater, died at 92

the essential Marthe Mercadier is deceased. She was 92 years old. She had turned in countless plays but also in the cinema, on television or in the cabaret.

The boulevard theater is in mourning. Marthe Mercadier died at the age of 92, her family announced on Wednesday. She had Alzhheimer’s disease as her daughter revealed in 2014. “My mom passed away this morning around 05 h 00. She had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for several years. I accompanied her to the end “, indicated her only daughter Véronique Nery. Marthe Mercadier was hospitalized a week ago at the Puteaux palliative care center (Hauts-de-Seine),

Marthe Mercadier entered the world of show business at the age of 5, when she danced alongside the great Joséphine Baker. She started in the theater as a blower and played in nearly fifty plays, sharing the stage with Bruno Crémer, Michel Galabru or Louis de Funès. She played Georges Feydeau, Françoise Dorin, Marcel Aymé and triumphed in pieces like “Treize à table” (1979 or “Le squat “(2000).

She became popular on television at the end of the years 1960, in the successful series, “Les Saintes chéries”, alongside Micheline Presle and Daniel Gélin. His cinematographic career, made up of around forty films, began in 1940 with “Souvenirs perdus” by Christian-Jaque. In 1952, she married the actor Gérard Néry with whom she had a daughter, Véronique. The couple will separate 20 years later.

However, she will not have a significant role to her credit. “I never looked for rewarding roles. I played the ridiculous, the lost, the rejected women, the idiots. I was more vigilant for my life as a woman than for my cinematographic career, a- she says in 1999 to La Dépêche du Midi .

She has also produced films (in particular the great success of Patrick Schulmann, “Et la tendresse? Bordel!” In 1960) and plays .

Marthe Mercadier had also participated in the first season of “Dance with the stars” where she was eliminated against the former footballer David Ginola.

In her youth, she helped her father in the Resistance during the war and launched, at the end of the years 200, her first humanitarian association . Engaged in various actions against stammering (child, she stammered) or cystic fibrosis, she created in 1960 an association to help the deprived of ‘Africa which occupied him a lot.

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