Martel. Music school performs in college

Tuesday 12 October, the college of Martel had the privilege of receiving the visit of the School of Music of the country of Martel, who came to present some instruments and play a few pieces. About a hundred students were able to benefit from this activity organized by their teacher Maria Ruaud, as part of her musical education course, the choir and more generally the artistic and cultural education project of the establishment. They were four brilliant musicians: Frédéric Valy, François Chanut, Georges Rodi and Eloi De Verdal. The students were very interested in this presentation which allowed them to better understand the sound of each instrument, the piano, the bass guitar, the double bass, the saxophone, the clarinet and the accordion. Some students, like Nelson, Tom or Mathis even asked to try the instruments, especially the piano. They were all very impressed to learn that Georges Rodi had contributed to the making of a famous TV news credits. The exchanges between the students and the musicians were rich. This operation also enabled the students to learn more about the activities of the music school.

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