Marie Sigal's little revolution

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Toulouse artist Marie Sigal returns to Le Bijou this Friday 24 September. She will present an original “solo”: songs in French and an acoustic piano. A small revolution for this complete musician, who comes from classical music and revealed by electro pop in English. “I wanted to reconnect with these things, she confides. Piano and lyrics, less fear, modesty: a desire to indulge myself a little more, to return to these things from my childhood. A desire for refinement too.These songs are less edgy but more intense about me – my femininity, love – but not only: these are life stories that were told to me during confinement, for example. . This solo looks like me and these things that touch and haunt me, it is my role as an artist to make something beautiful out of them. ” Marie Sigal au Bijou: emotions and thrills guaranteed.

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