Marc Dutroux depressed, no hope of release for him: “Let him rot in hell”, says the mother of the rapist and serial killer

the essential The lawyer of the killer and serial rapist described his client as “depressed and at the bottom of the abyss”. Shocked, Marc Dutroux’s mother showed no compassion for her son. “Let him rot in hell, I have no mercy on him” …

Marc Dutroux is depressed, “at the bottom of the abyss,” his lawyer told the Belgian press. He who hoped to get out of prison in 2021 sees the end of the year dawning in his cell in Nivelles prison, and would have given up all hope of one day being able to benefit from a parole.

“Marc Dutroux remains a dangerous psychopath”

Last spring, a college of psychiatric experts issued a report on Marc Dutroux in which they consider that the serial killer and rapist remains a psychopath and still presents a high risk of recidivism. “Only keeping it in a strict and closed framework will make it possible to limit the danger that Marc Dutroux represents for society”, concluded the document which had also led him not to submit a request for release.

Seven months later, Mr. Bruno Dayez indicated that his client, sentenced in 2004 to life imprisonment and 10 years of provision of the court of the application of sentences (TAP), for having kidnapped and sequestered six young girls, for having sexually abused them and for having killed four of them, plunges into the depression, understanding that it will pass the rest of his life behind bars. In anticipation of a request for release, he had written a letter to the parents of his victims in August 2018 which had aroused their indignation

“I have no pity for him, he’s an actor”

Contacted by a Flemish magazine after Bruno Dayez’s statements, Jeannine Lauwens, Marc Dutroux’s mother, showed no compassion for her son. “Let him rot in hell, I have no mercy on him,” she said. “Marc Dutroux is an actor, depression is not in his temper,” she added. “By saying this, he sinks the knife a little deeper into the wounds of the relatives of the victims”, she declared again, concluding: “Let them treat him as he treated those he made suffer”…

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