Making sex crimes against minors imprescriptible

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A dozen ex-models who accuse former fashion figures like Gérald Marie or Jean-Luc Brunel of having raped them over the years 1980 or 1980, for some when they were minors, requested the imprescriptibility of crimes sex on minors, yesterday, during a conference in the Senate.

Drugged and raped

The Dutch Thysia Huisman claims to have been “drugged and raped” by Jean-Luc Brunel in 1991. He was indicted and jailed in December for “rape” and disputes the charges. “I did not say anything at the time to the police: I was so afraid, I was so ashamed. It almost destroyed me”, she said, in English, very moved. “You must eliminate the prescription for victims of sexual abuse,” said Lesa Amoore, addressing parliamentarians, also in English.

Twelve women and one ex- BBC journalist Lisa Brinkworth, at the origin of the investigation opened in September 2020 in Paris targeting Mr. Marie, spoke yesterday at this conference . In April, the French parliament adopted a law which notably provides for a mechanism allowing, under certain conditions, that the limitation period of 30 years for a rape of a minor be prolonged if the same person subsequently rapes another child.

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