MAINTENANCE. Zemmour dismissed from the air: “This is a sign that his candidacy for 2022 is imminent”

the essential The Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) had decided to count the speaking time of its polemicist, Eric Zemmour, on the air: CNews went further. The channel dismissed the columnist from the talk show “Face à l’Info”. For Gaël Sliman, president of the Odoxa polling institute, this ousting is premonitory of a candidate for the presidential election of 2022.

Is the deprogramming of Éric Zemmour’s show surprising?

The deprogramming of the show “Face à l’Info” was in the order of things, it is a non-event. It makes sense. The possible astonishment may come from the fact that it was announced before Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy. This will neither upset his strategy, nor the presidential campaign of 2022.

The fact is that Eric Zemmour has not announced his candidacy …

This deprogramming is a sign that the announcement of a presidential candidacy for the polemicist is imminent. CNews is undoubtedly anticipating an announcement of candidacy that hardly gives rise to much debate: we have understood that Eric Zemmour has positioned himself on the starting line.

What weight does Éric Zemmour’s program “Face à l’Info” have in public opinion?

We’re talking about a show that works well … across CNews and news channels. There is a lot of talk about this program in the media-political microcosm. However, it is necessary to recontextualize: this program only brings together a few hundred thousand viewers in terms of audience (500 000 at 600 000, with audience peaks at 700 000). It remains extremely small as an audience, even if it is usual for news channels to have audiences that are not necessarily exceptional at these times (from 19 hours to 20 hours). We are not talking, for example, of the television news of TF1 or of France 2.

For a channel like CNews, Eric Zemmour nevertheless carried the audience for months …

Absolutely ! But there are two ways to read it. There is the fact that Eric Zemmour has almost doubled the channel’s audiences: we have long spoken of an “audience boost”. But on the other hand, you have to realize what you’re talking about. We are talking about a few hundred thousand viewers, a 3 or 4% audience share at this time. In other words, we have 96% of French viewers who did not watch this program. At the level of all French viewers, the impact of this program is therefore limited.

What alternatives are available to him to communicate?

He has already planned to speak! Zemmour benefits from the release of his book ( France has not said its last word ) whose pre-sales have been boosted by all this publicity. He has also launched his YouTube channel: he will therefore have a voice on social networks, addressing his audience directly. Others than him, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, were very strong in this register.

In the end, Eric Zemmour is known for his debating qualities. While passing on YouTube, alone in front of the camera, the character does not lose a little of its attractiveness?

It will change things for sure. A presidential campaign is all the same the meeting of a man with his people. At times, Eric Zemmour will have to expect to be in a monologue situation. The contradiction, the polemicist will live it during the electoral campaign: when he is invited in political broadcasts or in television news.

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