MAINTENANCE. Jordan Mouillerac le Lotois Dance with the stars: “I ended up falling in love with dance more than girls”

the essential Jordan Mouillerac is back in service on TF1. After participating in 614 and in 2017, here he is now alongside Bilal Hassani. The Lotois has never forgotten his heart department where he learned to dance and where he continues to regularly visit his family.

He is back after a year of absence. The dancer from Labastide-Marnhac in the Lot joined last Friday the season 10 of Dance with the stars. Jordan Mouillerac had already participated in 614 alongside Hapsatou Sy then in 2017 with Carla Ginola. This time, the Lotois accompanied by Bilal Hassani is given favorite. He will be on the stage of the program on Friday October 1.

For you, at the beginning, dancing was mainly to flirt with girls …

Yes, I was boxing and playing football. Then my mother asked me to accompany her one evening, to a ballroom dance class at the Montat dance club. When the teacher offered to register I told him that dancing is only for girls. My mother brought me back the following Wednesday. This time I did some stretching, it was a bit like soccer and then there were pretty girls. I learned very quickly. I danced with the most beautiful girl in the class, I was 12 years old, I loved it. Four months later I started competing and I had already fallen in love with dance more than girls.

Jordan Mouillerac.
Jordan Mouillerac. DR TF1 Laurent Vu – LAURENT VU

And then one day, the student becomes a teacher, at the Montat …

At 16 years I became a substitute student at the Montat club with Grégory Guichard, the dance teacher who also participated in the TF1 program. I was also a substitute student at the Siempre salsa association in Cahors. I started to teach Latin dances. By going from student to teacher, I changed my point of view: I turned into a choreographer.

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And the competition always. What is your track record?

I was several times finalist of the French championships dances in sports dance, finalist of ‘Occitanie of the French Latin dance championships, double French salsa champion and 7th at the equivalent of the dance Olympics (Editor’s note the World games). I went through salsa, bachata, reggaeton, dancehall and I also had a cabaret experience with the “Swings” troupe in Brive.

What did you think of your first performance with Bilal Hassani?

I am delighted to team up with him and very proud of our choreography. Proud of his reaction on stage, of his interpretation. We sent a nice message. Each time we discover our partners, we analyze and research their journey. We must take a step back from the candidate to see how he learns, how he gives, what his energy is. We have to create the choreography that will match the best. Through Bilal I saw someone who saw far ahead, who had a lot of will and desire. We will continue to work on this path.

Is there a life after Dance with the stars?

It is sure that it is a big springboard for any dancer. Since I stopped competing at 20 years to do a show, I am more looking for projects choreographic. After the show, I’m going to settle in Paris with my partner. A dancer’s best years range from 20 to 35 years., it’s the best time to sell and perform, hence my choice to leave the Lot for Paris. I would like to create an internship tour throughout France, to continue the tour with the D’pendanse de Danse troupe with the stars. And why not come and give an internship in Cahors, Place Gambetta next summer?

What would you say today to the little boy who thought dancing is only for girls?

It is for everyone and I am the pure example. As proof, today I’m even dancing with another boy! It’s a matter of openness.

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