MAINTENANCE. In Figeac in the Lot, Samira Lacchab leads the investigation with Stéphane Plaza

the essential Samira Lachhab, known for her roles in the series “Candice Renoir” and “Tomorrow belongs to us”, holds the female title role in “Meurtres à Figeac” whose filming is in full swing. full in the heart of Figeac. The pretty actress does not hide her pleasure to play alongside Stéphane Plaza who plays his brother-in-law and with whom she will lead the investigation into a series of crimes. Meet.

What made you want to shoot in this “Meurtres à Figeac”?

Figeac really. I had already heard of Figeac. I knew because I had friends who had come. It’s a nice surprise. And then I had never done “Murders in …”. I liked the proposal.

Tell us about your role in this episode…

Manon lost her husband and she returned to Figeac for the ceremony in his honor a year later. She then discovers a lot of things about her husband’s past.

How is the shooting going with Stéphane Plaza as a partner?

We have a good time. We are different but we both have energy and I believe that in the project, between the two characters, it works well. We have a real responsibility to help people discover Figeac. This plot shows all the places in the city: the museum, the church in Le Puy, the small streets… We are really invested.

You turn into the heart of the city and people are asking you for selfies and autographs. Isn’t it complicated?

I adore. We’re not in Paris. The people are all very welcoming. They await the end of the scenes. We have great encounters, especially with children.

Have you had time to enjoy the city? To discover the area a little?

Not at all. We only had one Sunday off but next week I will take advantage of it. The mayor, whom I also thank, offered me a book to discover the city and I intend to use it. The director will visit small caves and advise us of places to see.

What are your plans after this shoot?

I continue “La Faute à Rousseau” with season 2. It’s cool, it’s a nice project with Charlie Dupont.

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