Love is in the meadow: “You were the least ugly of the lot!”

the essential The stays at the farm continue in “Love is in the meadow”. Nathalie’s attitude towards her suitors disconcerted them. Jean-François, the Ariège sheep breeder, exchanged a first kiss with Nathalie for whom he fell in love with speed dating.

Nathalie, the calf breeder under the mother of Loire-Atlantique, detonates. Pink outfit, heart-shaped sunglasses, pink Ladybug, pink tractor, pink toaster: the farmer does not go unnoticed. She invited two suitors: Bruno, a railwayman from the Vosges, and Stéphane, an ambulance driver from Toulouse.

Bruno was able to spend two days alone with Nathalie, Stéphane being held back by his job. And he has not been idle! The farmer moves around a lot and talks about her work very often. To get to know each other better, Bruno offered Nathalie a ride by the sea in a 2CV. And drew shots of champagne and cider from the trunk. As soon as her cut is finished, Nathalie gets back in the car. “Come on roll, let’s roll youth, he thinks we’re on vacation, for God’s sake”

“To walk hand in hand on the beach, it will be too possible with her”.

Pain lost for Bruno who wanted to take his time to get to know each other. “Our little walk, it allowed us to see a lot of things because we had to leave immediately. We cannot sit down with her. We do not take a nap in the middle of the beach. the beach, it will be too possible with it, I think “. In front of the camera, Bruno confides: “She often talks about work anyway. Her animals, work, I have some …” and he passes a hand above his head to signify his fed up. . The two men even come to wonder if they are not mistaken. Back at the farm, Nathalie confides to the camera: “Bruno’s idea, it’s wonderful, it’s so funny. (…) But I have more affinities as a friend than as a darling. “.

A very cute prince charming

Stéphane, a Toulouse ambulance driver of 51, only arrived on the third day because of his work. “Stéphane is not bad. The size, the presence, the physique: it is important for me”, confides Nathalie. In the car, back from the station, Stéphane asks her what seduced him in her. “I had so many letters! We will say that you were the least ugly of the lot. It’s stupid to say but that’s it”, answers Nathalie. Stéphane pouted … And to specify: “I am not looking for a farmer but I am not looking for a lazy one either”.

In the evening, at the end of the meal, taking advantage of a moment when they are alone, Bruno explains to Stéphane: “I don’t know if she is really interested in us. I’m telling you honestly”. Facing the camera, Stéphane confides that the bellows has fallen. “I thought that something had happened to speed-dating in our eyes and there I feel absolutely nothing. These are exchanges of looks that I do not find again when I arrive”.

Always at the end of the meal, Stéphane points out to Nathalie that she talks a lot about her work and that she must give herself time to get to know her two suitors. He tells her in passing that she does not ask many questions to her guests in order to get to know them better. The end of the meal becomes a little tense as the Internet users have understood.

“I’m not the boniche!”

At the time of going to bed, Stéphane points out to Nathalie that he took neither shower gel nor towel. “Did you think you were in a 5-star hotel?” Nathalie asks before going to get her a towel. She confided a little later in front of the camera: “I’m not the boniche. That’s it”. Stéphane, for his part, has the impression of “having made a mistake”.

Nathalie believes moreover “that she is“ capable of giving love, a lot of love. ”It remains to find the lucky one …

And the other farmers?

Jean-François , the breeder of sheep from Unac in Ariège, fell in love at first sight speed-dating for Mélanie, a 39 year-old woman from Foix. He welcomed at the Marie-Ange farm, a Toulousaine of 51 years, and therefore Mélanie. And before receiving them, Jean-François read his horoscope in La Dépêche du Midi! As soon as the suitors arrive, Jean-François introduces them to his grown-up children Manon and Clément and takes them to see his sheep and then take a quad ride. Quickly, Jean-François notes that “with Marie-Ange, it does not do it at all”. With Mélanie, sitting on the heights of Unac, Jean-François exchanged a first kiss. “Are you ready to revive me now? I am reassured,” Melanie told him. “I’m so lucky.” And to admit in front of the camera: “This is the man I was waiting for”.

Sébastien , lavender producer and Aubrac cow breeder from 46 years in Ardèche, welcomed Karine the blonde and Karine the brunette. With Karine the blonde, who arrived first, he went for a horseback ride. With the two young women, he weeded his lavender field with a tractor. Karine the brunette, 100% Parisienne, in favor of Sébastien: “She hits me in the eye”.

Hervé the Picard continued his stay with Vanessa and Stéphanie. He invited his brother-in-law and his two sisters to dinner at his house to meet them. The two sisters confessed to Hervé that they had a preference for Stéphanie who would correspond to her more, according to them, despite her shyness.

Vincent, the equestrian educator of 40 years of Bouches-du-Rhône , continued his stay with Hafsa and Natacha. On the program: maintenance of the horse boxes, private riding lessons, tractor rides and lunch at the restaurant. Vincent admits that he “feels naturally close to Natacha” which he describes as “a little ray of sunshine”.

In Switzerland , Paulette continued to discover Dan and Bruno, her suitors for a walk in the market and then at most large underground lake in Europe, Lake Saint-Léonard. A moving moment for the two men. On the program in the evening: karaoke on Johnny Hallyday. Paulette believes that “for the moment none stands out, there is no more seduction in one than in the other”.

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