Love is in the meadow: the very strange sight of a farmer with a suitor

the essential All the candidate farmers in “Love is in the meadow” have chosen their two suitors and the farm stays have started. Paulette, the Swiss farmer, experienced a surreal encounter during speed dating.

Paulette, donkey breeder and manager of a 62 year-old bar in the Swiss Alps, lives “alone but very happy”. If she subscribed to “Love is in the meadow”, it is to “share happiness with someone”. What is she looking for? “A strong man”.

Reading letters from her suitors, Paulette had a preference for Dan. She had been overwhelmed by reading her mail. “Know that for a very long time you will be part of my dreams,” the suitor wrote to him. Seeing her photo in the mail, Paulette was shocked. “I know him. From where, from what, from how? I saw him in meditation, two years ago. The flash of a person as a soul mate”, she confided to Karine Le Marchand before the meeting.

During the speed dating with Dan, retired pastry cook from Bas-Rhin for 68 years. Dan makes music and arranges karaoke for his hobbies. He fell in love with Paulette when he saw her on television: “I saw you and we were in another world, we were no longer on television. It was someone nearby. d me, you see. And with whom I lived. I felt things. At one point I was in pain “. And he also has two donkeys.

Paulette stares at Dan, she is charmed. She then confesses to Dan the vision she had. “I do a lot of meditation. And I confess: I saw you two years ago, in July 2019”. Dan can’t believe it: “You give me the chills”. Paulette and Dan are moved.

The crush between Paulette and Dan moved many Internet users.

Besides the vision, viewers were struck by Dan’s resemblance to a certain … Didier Raoult.

Paulette naturally chose Dan to come and stay on her farm and with her donkeys in Switzerland. Bruno is the second suitor she chose. Will Paulette and Dan fall in love with this season of “Love is in the meadow”? From the start of their stay on the farm, Dan and Bruno immediately had to accompany him to the stable to take care of the donkeys.

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