Love is in the meadow: the intense love at first sight of Jean-François, the breeder of Ariège sheep, with Mélanie

the essential Jean-François, breeder of sheep in Ariège, fell under the spell of Mélanie, a contender who also came from the same department. Love at first sight was electric in this new episode of “Love is in the meadow”.

The eyes that sparkle, the knowing looks, the heart that pounding … The viewers of “Love is in the meadow” witnessed a real love at first sight, Monday evening on M6. Jean-François, sheep breeder of 48 years in Unac in Ariège, flashed on Mélanie. And it was mutual.

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This great shy man, who has not had a romantic relationship for ten years, has received five letters from suitors. Before meeting them, he read his horoscope on his cell phone. Among the letters was the mail from Mélanie, a young woman also from Ariège, from Foix exactly. Like Jean-François, his love life had been a desert for ten years.

Slender, in a little black dress, with lace on the back, Mélanie was the first contender to meet him. After a few smiles and a few moments without saying a word, Mélanie confesses to Jean-François: “I really have the impression that you are my soul mate in fact, I want to believe it, I really want to ‘believe Jean-François’. His letter was accompanied by several photos including a photo of a shepherd’s hut taken during a hike. It turns out that this cabin was that of … Jean-François, which Mélanie did not know! A hut that the breeder has been using for 13 years for his herd in the summer. Jean-François and Mélanie may therefore have already crossed paths in the past without paying attention to it.

“I find you a crazy charm”, continues Mélanie. Jean-François overcomes his shyness and replies: “It’s mutual. I fell in love with you”. At that moment, the farmer takes the young woman’s hand and begins to sing an a cappella song to her.

My God, I’m at my ease

When Mélanie is with me

Very slowly I look at her

And I tell her, kiss me

Slowly I look at her

And I tell her, kiss me

A few lines that moved Mélanie who burst into tears in front of Jean-François. Before the meeting, the farmer had agreed on a code with Karine Le Marchand, the host of the show. If he took the hand of a contender and sang her a song, it was a sign of a crush.

When the meeting was over, Mélanie burst into tears in front of the camera: “He’s the man, he’s the man of my life. If paradise exists, it is there”. A strong, intense moment, which made Karine Le Marchand, who observes the appointments from a distance, say: “Love is beautiful all the same, I have never experienced that”

Okay, stop everything, Jean -François and Mélanie go too well together. # ADP # adp 550

– Jérémiah u 2764 ufe0f ud 48 d udc 99 (@JeremiahKaem) September , 2021

I like very much Jean François he is very touching and he seems to be deeply kind, one of my favorites this season. #adp 550 #ADP

– ????? ? (@salutcestju_) September 13, 550

Jean-François naturally asked Mélanie to come and stay on his farm in Ariège. He also wished Marie-Ange to stay with him. An episode to discover soon.

And the other farmers?

In the episode broadcast Monday evening, viewers were able to attend the first hours of Ghislaine and Christelle’s stay at Delphine, the organic farmer of Tarn-et-Garonne, between humor and first small pikes between the contenders. Franck, the forestry worker from Charente-Maritime, welcomed Anne-Lise and Cécile to his home. Another candidate, Sébastien, lavandiculteur d’Ardèche, had his meetings with the suitors in Paris. He selected two Karines, a blonde from Montpellier and a brunette from Paris.

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