Love is in the meadow: the beard of a fire-eater catches fire during Mélanie's surprise to Jean-François in Ariège

the essential Jean-François, the Ariège breeder, found his contender Mélanie at the foot of the castle of Foix for their reunion.

After Mélanie’s stay in Jean-François’ farm, it is the farmer from Ariège who joined his beautiful in Foix, about 30 km from his home. For this reunion, Mélanie had arranged to meet him on the esplanade of the castle of Foix.

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Mélanie had concocted a rich program: an evening with friends – the opportunity to discover that they had mutual friends and to sing her love to her to a tune by Vitaa and Slimane – and a massage in a beauty salon run by a friend. Subsequently, with the help of Jean-François’ daughter, the farmer was taken blindfolded to the Espinet green theater located at the foot of the castle.

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Mélanie had dressed in a medieval outfit and was surrounded by fire eaters from the historical shows organized every year at the castle of Foix. It was then that while spitting fire, an extra’s beard began to … ignite! Internet users reacted a lot to the scene.

Other internet users reacted to Mélanie’s outfit for the meeting with Jean-François.

The Foix green theater hosted a first Night of Fire this summer, offered by Foix land of history, in parallel with historical shows.

Jean-François enjoyed this meeting with his beautiful and that is the main thing!

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