Love is in the meadow: “Is he handsome my son? Really?”

the essential In the new episode of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast Monday evening, the remarks of the mother of a farmer towards the pretenders of his son made Internet users howl with laughter.

After the meetings with the candidates, the farm stays started in “Love is in the meadow”. Hervé le Picard, who still lives on the family farm at 43 years and who has never made love with a woman, welcomed Vanessa, a home of 32 years old, and Stéphanie, a nursing assistant of 40 years.

From the start of the stay, Hervé made a point of presenting the two suitors to his parents. Simon and Bernadette, a couple with a pronounced Picard accent, have been married for 50 years and are worried about their son. “We were starting to worry,” admits Simon to his son’s suitors.

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However, it was Bernadette, Hervé’s mother, who stole the show from her husband. Right away, she asks the suitors: “And you come from which corner?” When Vanessa replies “Reims”, Bernadette reacts tac-au-tac: “Ouille, ouille, ouille, ouille, ouille, ouille, c’est far!” Response from Vanessa: “It’s the next door!”

Bernadette continues: “What did you like about the portrait of Hervé?” Vanessa is the first to answer: “Everything, its simplicity, its naturalness”. And Stéphanie to speak: “He is a simple person, a worker and then he is beautiful”. Bernadette’s stupor: “Is he handsome? Really?” Vanessa speaks again: “The boy is well done.”

Bernadette’s little sentence has been widely commented on on social networks.

“They are not ugly, they are normal”.

A little later, in front of the camera, Bernadette gives her opinion on the pretenders. “They are nice, they are as they are, they are not ugly, they are normal, what. After, as I say to you, it is not the beauty which makes either. Me I would be very happy that it would have someone anyway. “Bernadette even confides that she already has a preference:” Stéphanie, she is more shy, I think she would be better with Hervé. She comes out of a farm, she knows how it goes while this one, what her name is … Vanessa, it’s not the same life. She would come forward further. Afterwards, it’s to see. “

To spend time with each of the suitors, Hervé offered them a quad ride in the Somme countryside. What will be the final choice of farmer Picard? With the shy Stéphanie, he assures to have “good vibes” but he seemed to appreciate the tactile side of Vanessa during the ride. Answer in a next program.

And the other farmers?

Nathalie, calf breeder under the mother in Loire-Atlantique, almost 50 years old and all dressed in pink, met her suitors. , too speedy, not listening, she had to be cropped by Karine Le Marchand for the rest of her appointments. She fell in love with a Toulouse ambulance driver from 51 years old, Stéphane, who will go to Nathalie’s farm with Bruno.

Valentin, producer of edible flowers from 27 years in Brittany, also met the girls who wrote to him. Silent, staring and not smiling, he disconcerted the first candidates a bit before opening up and smiling. His choice fell on Shirley and Natacha.

For his part, Jean-Daniel, the Swiss winegrower, welcomed his two suitors for the first days of his stay at the farm.

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