Love is in the meadow: “I found the shoe to suit my feet, when we put them on, we are in it”

the essential The farmers discovered the living environment of their suitor or went on a romantic weekend, in the last episode of “Love is the meadow”.

It is far from the Picardy of Hervé and the Normandy of Stéphanie that the couple found themselves in the episode of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast Tuesday evening on M6. Head for the Arcachon basin. On the program: ham and butter on the beach, boat trip around the tchanquées cabins with a dip in the basin for Hervé and romantic dinner at the restaurant near the beach. It is precisely at the restaurant that Hervé offered a surprise to his beauty: the key to their future home. The farmer who has lived on his parents’ farm for 30 years has taken a rental.

Stéphanie is in heaven. “For a first, I’m doing hard!”, Assures Hervé proud of himself. When Stéphanie points out to him that he has evolved since their meeting, he replies: “The kid, he has changed, the man is here!” After a romantic night for two at the hotel, breakfast on the terrace – a first for Stéphanie – which makes Hervé say: “I found the shoe to suit my feet, when you put them on, you feel good in them”.

On the way back, Hervé and Stéphanie stopped by Franck, the lumberjack from Charente-Maritime with whom Hervé had sympathized with speed dating. Franck, who let Cécile go and whom Anne-Lise left – greets them with a smile and takes them for a boat ride before an aperitif on the roof of his mill.

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What a glamorous couple, Hervé and Stéphanie. Hervé who tells her that she stinks, that she farts, that she snores. She who swings at him that she scratched her ass. Not to mention the aeration of “Popol” Really it makes you dream as the beginning of a relationship ud 83 d ude 06 ud 52 d ude 06 ud 83 d ude # ADP 21

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Sébastien victim of an accident quad

Back in Ardèche after staying with Karine in the Paris region, Sébastien the lavender had a serious quad accident, far from the cameras. “No memory, I can see myself lying on the ground, the quad on me. What happened to me? I don’t know,” says Sébastien. Fortunately, his cousin’s son alerted the emergency services.

With two broken vertebrae, hospitalized, corseted, Sébastien had to sleep sitting on a chair for a month, sometimes crying out in pain. He spent two months recovering. For Karine, impossible to leave him alone. She came down from Paris to help him on a daily basis. She even helped the farmer with the lavender harvest.

The quad accident “made us stronger, we are more accomplices than ever,” says Karine. Sébastien admits that Karine “is always taking care of me. It is at times like that that you see that she loves you”

Valentin and Charley: where to live?

Valentin, the shy producer of edible flowers from Brittany, chose Charley, a dentist of 21 years of Indre -and-Loire. A “gentle, kind, caring” farmer: the young woman is on her “little cloud”. When Valentin takes her on a horseback ride, she is delighted. “Looks and whites are enough” to understand each other, admits Valentin.

In this same episode, Valentin joined Charley in Tourraine to discover his living environment. The dentist has invited some friends over for lunch. The meal goes well until Valentine confesses that “everyone poops in the morning” in his family. Questioned by the production, the friends believe that the Breton suitor is “brut de décoffrage”. For Charley, he is simply “frank of the collar”.

During the meal, the friends made it clear to him that they would not like to see Charley move out. Problem for Valentin: Tourraine is too cold for its production of edible flowers. But his beautiful wants to stay in her region for the moment and take her time. To relax Valentin, she took him for a boat trip on the Loire.

Jean-François: first transhumance with Mélanie

In Tuesday night’s episode, Mélanie arrived at Jean-François with the chocolatines and today’s edition of La Dépêche du Midi . The two Ariégeois see each other every weekend. On the day’s program: transhumance. 15 km of walking to climb 600 animals in the summer pastures. A festive moment – a priest blessed the herd to protect it from the bear – during which Jean-François met Mélanie’s parents. It was also an opportunity to learn that Jean-François’ two grown children appreciate their father’s companion. For Mélanie, “the evidence is still written.”

Nathalie splits the armor

Nathalie, the calf breeder under the mother of Loire-Atlantique of 43, had not reserved a friendly welcome to Stéphane, the Toulouse ambulance driver. Deeply hurt in love in the past, the cash farmer puts up barriers. Before a dinner at the restaurant, she explains to Stéphane why she hasn’t put on a cleavage: “I’m not going to curdle my bells!” It is a Breton expression.

At the restaurant, Stéphane gave her some pretty jewelry from Amaya’s workshop in Toulouse. Nathalie is overwhelmed. He wants to know what she thinks of him. “You are a very beautiful person, someone kind, generous,” Nathalie confesses. The farmer and her suitor agree: they want to take their time and not have a long-distance relationship.

At the end of the Toulouse ambulance driver’s stay, Nathalie recognized in front of the camera: “I like him, it’s a good start. I still opened the door a little”. A kiss has apparently been exchanged but not filmed. Nathalie will soon go to the Toulouse region.

Vincent: Marie-Jeanne has “confidence”

Vincent, the Vaucluse winegrower, came to spend the weekend in Montélimar with Marie-Jeanne, the civil servant he retained to continue the adventure. On the program: a tandem ride. Marie-Jeanne did not seem to always pedal, which forced the lovebirds to push the bike several times! This mother of three, whom she raised alone, enjoyed being guided and letting go.

It was important for her to introduce Vincent to her friends. At ease, the winemaker talked, talked, talked a lot. Marie-Jeanne’s friends found him “very good, relaxed, with a chat”. In short, a sort of Gérard Depardieu …

Marie-Jeanne, who suffered in love, recognizes it: “I have confidence, I feel good”.

Balance sheet next week

What choices have farmers made? Are the two farmers who find themselves without a pretender still single? Karine Le Marchand will take stock of the season 15 from “Love is in the meadow” next week. There might be surprises …

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