Love is in the meadow: “I don't need to have a princess”, said Vincent who left Natacha

the essential The farmers stayed with their suitor and their suitor in the new episode of “Love is in the meadow”. With happiness, laughter but also ruptures.

Vincent, the horse breeder from Provence, had chosen his suitors only by reading the letters. He hadn’t wanted to choose on the physical. He had retained Hafsa, a Moroccan from Lot-et-Garonne and the Béarnaise Natacha for the stay in the farm. His physical attraction to Natacha was obvious and the fourteen years that separate them were not a hindrance. She was the one he had chosen to continue the stay.

In the episode broadcast Monday evening, Vincent joined Natacha in the family home located in the Aspe valley in the Pyrenees. A first night together and a first night of love. At breakfast, Vincent wanted to know how Natacha projected herself into the future by his side. The response of the young woman, “on horseback”, did not reassure the solo dad of two children who began to doubt. On the program for the day: a visit to Natacha’s mother. The opportunity to learn that it was she, at the start, who wanted to write to a farmer about “Love is in the meadow”!

Vincent’s stay continued on the Basque coast with Natacha’s sister and brother-in-law. After a game of pétanque, Vincent was still in the grip of doubt: “On the life project, we do not necessarily have the same vision, it is all fire and I am a little more measured”. And to confide to the camera: “When her sister says she can behave like a princess, I don’t need to have a princess at home, I’ve had plenty of them before”. The four guests spend a good evening together but Vincent recognizes “a gap” with his contender of years.

The next morning, Vincent played his card on the table with the beautiful Pyrenean: “You are young, you are sparkling. I wanted to discover which woman can be by my side, with my children, who can move forward with me. ‘to be my other half (…) I find it difficult to project myself “. In shock, Natacha thanked him for his honesty and confirmed to him that she did not want a vacation sweetheart and that he could leave whenever he wanted. After two kisses, Vincent headed for his car while the young woman remained in the kitchen and did not accompany him back.

Many Internet users did not spare Vincent after his decision.

Asked in Télé-Loisirs , Vincent repeated: “I had the impression that things were going too fast. You should know that between the shooting of the stay at the farm and stay at her house, it was a week. Two weeks before, we did not know each other. She seemed to me immediately excited, maybe too much “. The horse breeder continues: “I think our age difference was too great and that we were not at the same stage in our lives”. Today Vincent claims to be no longer in contact with either Natacha or Hafsa.

Hervé and Stéphanie: meeting the in-laws

Hervé, the virgin farmer of 43 continued his stay with Stéphanie. No second night of love after an evening too drunk for the young Normande. And breakfast secrets: Stéphanie “snores” and “degasses the night”. Hervé went to lunch with Stéphanie’s parents. The two men talked about agriculture and technology – Stéphanie’s father is a farmer – and Stéphanie had the approval of her mother: “‘You make a beautiful couple”.

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Jean-François and Mélanie: love in music

Jean-François, the Ariège farmer, found Mélanie on the esplanade of the castle of Foix. A fiery reunion before a private visit of the castle. During a night out with friends, the two lovebirds realized they had friends in common. Mélanie sang her love to Jean-François. “It’s heartwarming,” said the mountaineer. After a first night together, and the morning purchase of two chocolatines and La Dépêche , Mélanie took Jean-François to a beauty salon for a massage. She subsequently surprised her shepherd by donning a medieval outfit surrounded by fire-eaters at the green theater at the foot of Foix castle.

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Sébastien discovers Karine and Paris

Sébastien l’Ardéchois stayed with Karine in the Parisian crown. He went to wait for her at the end of his work, a bouquet in his hand. The imposing Ardéchois discovers Karine’s Twingo, driving in Île-de-France as a passenger and the small apartment of his contender. On the program of the stay: salsa lessons, Cuban dinner with friends and meeting with Karine’s best friend before a stroll in Montmartre. Karine plans to look for work in Ardèche.

Delphine and Ghislaine at 100 by the hour

Delphine, the organic arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne, visited Ghislaine, a banker in the Oise, after three weeks of separation. Ghislaine did everything to impress her beauty: a small plane ride over the Compiègne forest, horseback riding, presentation with friends, bike ride with friends, motorcycle ride with friends. Although touched by this rich program, Delphine would have liked to spend more time together.

Jean-Daniel let go by his suitors

Jean-Daniel, the Swiss cattle breeder, always welcomed Celine and Zakia in the episode broadcast Monday evening. In a previous episode, Celine Switzerland had told him that she only felt friendship. With Zakia, a restaurant meal had been strained. The day after an evening with friends, the two suitors announced to Jean-Daniel that they were leaving the adventure. “No love, no regret”, says Céline while Zakia explains that “the crush was not confirmed”.

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