Love is in the meadow: Hervé and Stéphanie tell the very embarrassing details of their first night together

the essential The farmers of “Love is in the meadow” had to make a choice among their suitors. Between love, disappointment and tears of happiness or sadness.

Hervé, the candidate from Picardy, had kissed Stéphanie in the episode of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast last week. The two lovebirds spent a first night together and the Picard farmer lost his virginity at 30 years. Hervé and Stéphanie did not hesitate to tell this first night in front of the cameras.

“The night was excellent. The page is no longer blank, finally it has happened,” said Hervé. “We spent a beautiful night, it was intense”, confided, for her part, Stéphanie. “I think I was very good”, even admits Hervé, proud of himself. And Stéphanie confirms: “More than I imagined, yes. I said to myself ‘it’s going to be fast’ but not at all. I told her ‘you’re going to wear me out, I can’t take it anymore'”. And proof of that intense night: “At one point, I wanted to turn on the light, I couldn’t find the button, and he said ‘we’re far from the wall’. I told him ‘it’s not possible’ and he told me. said ‘what if, didn’t you hear that it was banging on the cupboard?’ He told me ‘We will have to plan for chains!’ “, Says Stéphanie with a big burst of laughter.

Stéphanie “I’m modest” said the girl who told her first night with Hervé in front of the cameras #ADP #ADP 20

– Camille 13 Martin (@Camille 13 Martin) November 1, 2021

If Hervé’s feelings are real, Stéphanie is still on the reserve. “I fell in love at first sight, that’s for sure. In love? I still suffered a lot. I still have my little shell. I’m a little suspicious. We will give a little time but this ‘started well “.

The following days, Hervé and Stéphanie called each other on the phone every day, up to 2 hours a day. Hervé finally went to join Stéphanie at her home in Normandy, three weeks later for the weekend. While he expects to find a happy, smiling Stephanie in a dress, he finds a rather closed Stephanie, tense and … in pants. “I’m disappointed,” Hervé admits to the camera. The two lovebirds go to the market hand in hand and it’s an understatement to say that Stéphanie doesn’t like much: no mushrooms, peas or tripe. For the menu, they choose chips as a starter and quiche Lorraine. “Our tastes do not match at all”, notes Hervé, the Picardy farmer. Stéphanie makes the same observation: “We are different when it comes to food.”

The young woman admits that she is on the reserve because of her past romantic relationships. After a pedal boat ride on a lake, she decides to organize a candlelit dinner, a romantic tête-à-tête with Hervé and a meal cooked by herself. Before dessert, she brings Hervé a dozen photos of her … ex-boyfriend and starts tearing them to pieces, under Hervé’s astonished eyes, to tell him that she was turning the page for good. ! The scene greatly surprised Internet users.

Everything was weird in Stéphanie’s dinner lol : the photo album, the fact of waiting for this meeting to tear it up in front of him, the combination of salty cake and mayo, everything #ADP 20

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Franck: after Cécile, Anne-Lise is leaving

Franck, the lumberjack from Charente-Maritime, saw Cécile leave last week. She couldn’t settle down with him right away, unlike Anne-Lise, the sly professor of letters from Oise. But Franck doubts and takes his time because, he says, of his education with the Jesuits. Visiting friends with Anne-Lise, he talks about Cécile again and doubts his choice. Anne-Lise takes it badly and discusses it on the way home. She has the feeling of being “a second choice, a non-choice”. In the evening, Franck goes to bed with his dog while Anne-Cécile goes upstairs to bed.

During the night, she tries to get closer away from the cameras. Without obtaining the desired effect. Anne-Lise spreads her reproaches at breakfast. “You told me for 20 minutes about the cost of a pig! You have a wife in your bed anyway! ” Franck then said to him: “I am perhaps not suited to what you were looking for. If your choice is to stop there, I will understand it. I do not know how to speak of love”. Anne-Lise replies: “The road is so long that there is a risk of exploding in flight”. Surprisingly detached, Franck admits: “I was clumsy, we are too different”. Anne-Lise goes to pack her suitcase and leaves the farm.

Franck makes a terrible observation: “I did the bullshit of my life, I let the woman of my life go” in reference to Cécile, who left the day before. He decides to send her an SMS. She tells him a few days later that she needs time. Franck lost, the host Karine Le Marchand then goes exceptionally to Franck’s farm to speak with him. She advises him to write to Cécile’s children, to be honest and to play cards on the table with them.

Vincent le Camarguais: first fuck with Natacha

The Lot-et-Garonnaisse Afsa left last week, Vincent, the horse breeder from Bouches-du-Rhône, preferred to keep Natacha, sparkling brunette from Pau from 26 years. On the program horse rides, compliments (“you have a sway as pretty as my horse, I do not know which rump I prefer”), stroll in nature and games of seduction. Vincent and Natacha exchange a first kiss. But it is already time to set off again, with a heavy heart. Vincent will join Natacha a week later in his parents’ house in a village in the Aspe valley in the Pyrenees.

Vincent le winemaker: he prefers Marie-Jeanne

If Vincent first fell in love with Stéphanie, veganism and his obsession for the cleanliness of the contender make him change his life for Marie-Jeanne, an official from Montélimar from 56 years. To get to know them, Vincent invites his friends to dinner. For them, there is no doubt: Marie-Jeanne corresponds better to Vincent. Faced with this observation that she too made, Stéphanie decides that Vincent will remain “a good friend”. During the well-watered meal, Vincent does not hesitate to shout in front of his friends: “Marie-Jeanne, I love you!” The following night, far from the cameras, Vincent and Marie-Jeanne exchanged a kiss. The contender leaves on her own: “There is no age to be in love”. Before leaving the farm, Stéphanie and Vincent will have a memorable argument because the suitor gave the leftovers to the dogs.

Valentin: Shirley, not Natacha

Valentin, the Breton producer of edible flowers of 28 years, welcomes Shirley, dentist of 30 years old, and Natacha, 26 years old, on her farm. What is the surprise of the two suitors when they discover the farmer’s floor: posters of naked women on the walls of his office and a stuffed animal head in a room with a black thong around one ear. ..

If Shirley is outgoing and smiling, Natacha is much more shy. Like Valentine. Hard, hard, in these conditions to be at ease. During a night out with friends and his father, Valentin stays with Shirley. The next night, they will exchange a kiss. Valentin announces it to Natacha the next morning who will leave after breakfast.

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