Love is in the meadow: at 43, Hervé exchanges his first kiss with a woman

the essential In the new episode of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast Monday evening on M6, several farmers have made their choice between their two contenders. A first kiss was exchanged for Hervé, the farmer from Picardy.

Hervé has been working on the farm with his parents for 43 years in Picardy. This dairy cow breeder has never had sex or had a relationship with a woman. Last week, he had decided to continue the adventure with Stéphanie to the detriment of Vanessa. On their first night alone, they spent several hours chatting together.

When Hervé introduced him to his future daughter-in-law, the father experienced “a historic day”. Stéphanie pleases Hervé’s parents. “She is from our community,” according to her father. “It is simple”, for Bernadette, his mother. For the first meal with her daughter-in-law, Bernadette prepared a thawed raclette that she cooked … in a pan. A dish not really successful in appearance but that Stéphanie found good.

As a symbol, after the meal, Stéphanie wanted to find Hervé at the small wooden bridge on which he was sitting for the filming of his TV portrait. They exchanged their first kiss there. Immediately afterwards, the young woman burst into tears: “I no longer believed in it. I suffered so much that I no longer believed in it that it would happen to me one day”. Hervé reassured her by hugging her: “Suffering is over with me. It’s a new page being written. Now, there are two of us”

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Love at first sight of Jean-François l’Ariégeois

Jean-François, the Ariège breeder of sheep, fell in love with Mélanie, whom he kissed quickly after arriving at his farm. Jean-François took Mélanie and Marie-Ange, the second contender, to a party with friends. His friends have felt he has been “transformed” for a few days. During the dancing evening, the rapprochement between Jean-François and Mélanie does not escape Marie-Ange. The next morning, it is far from the cameras that Jean-François confesses to Marie-Ange his crush on Mélanie. “I felt there was something,” says Marie-Ange. La Toulousaine keeps her head held high against Jean-François but bursts into tears with Mélanie. The two women hug before Marie-Ange leaves without a wave towards Toulouse wishing the couple “full of happiness”. A departure that moved Jean-François, who said he was “turned upside down”. The next day, on the occasion of the annual sheep shearing, Jean-François and Mélanie show a great bond.

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Nathalie, the farmer in pink, ousts Bruno

Nathalie, breeder in Loire-Atlantique, welcomes Stéphane, a Toulouse ambulance driver, and Bruno, a railway worker from Nancy, to his farm. The Toulousain did not bring any clothes or boots for the farm. “He is on the farm, he is not in the Balearics”, plague Stéphanie in front of the camera. While Stéphane helps Nathalie as best he can – without a real exchange – Bruno helps Sammantha, his sweetheart’s daughter. But the Toulousain realizes that he was wrong. To find out, he goes for a walk with Nathalie in the salt marshes of Guérande. Nathalie tells her that she “gives a lot” but Stéphane tells her that it is not the impression that she gives. In the camera of the car, Nathalie admits to him that she is “afraid” after her past relations. Stéphane is reassured. Facing the camera, with tears on her cheeks, Nathalie admits that she is “difficult to tame” after having “given everything” in the past. The next day, she takes her two suitors to the Brière regional natural park to sail on a lake, each in a boat. Clumsy on the water, Bruno provoked the giggles of Nathalie. But Buno is only “a good friend” for Nathalie. After the ride, she tells him during a ride that they are too similar. Bruno is “not surprised” and decides to leave to leave Nathalie and Stéphane alone.

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Vincent prefers Natacha to Afsa

Vincent, the equestrian educator of Bouches-du-Rhône, receives Natacha and Afsa on his estate. During the episode, Vincent and his suitors meet Mathieu and Alexandre, the gay couple from last season of “Love is in the meadow” with whom he has become friends. The group invites several friends for a meal in the stable in order to get to know the young women. A majority of Vincent’s friends think Natacha would be a better companion than Afsa. That same evening, when Afsa has already fallen asleep, Vincent confesses to Natacha that after her first a priori, she has “many qualities which could correspond to her”, that she is “always smiling” and that he has “a big crush” for her. Natacha is in heaven. Afsa then wakes up. Vincent tells her that he finds her “formidable” and confesses to her his preference for Natacha. Afsa immediately withdraws and is very cold with Vincent. She decides to leave that same evening from Bouches-du-Rhône for Lot-et-Garonne.

Une Parisienne pour Sébastien l’Ardéchois

Sébastien, 46 year-old lavender from Ardèche, welcomes two Karines on his estate. If he had a good time with the two women, he has a better feeling with Karine the brunette, the Parisian. Karine the blonde felt the attitudes and looks of Sébastien towards her rival. She takes the initiative to tell him. “I take it upon myself,” she admits to him during a discussion, sitting in a field. She will go home a few moments later, leaving Karine and Sébastien to ride quad bikes in the Ardèche countryside. They will exchange their first kiss the next day in the deserted streets of the village.

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Paulette and Dan: a beautiful friendship

In Switzerland, Paulette, the donkey breeder, welcomes Dan and Bruno to her chalet. After a night of reflection, Bruno decides to leave to leave Dan and Paulette together. “It’s brutal”, reacts Paulette but “he understood that we didn’t have much in common. It’s very touching. I’m relieved”. “I believed in Paulette but it is her choice”, reacts Bruno in front of the camera which estimates to have found two good friends. The next day, Paulette invites her two children and her grandchildren for a convivial lunch. Dan, who learned to scrape cheese from raclette, is adopted by the family. The next day, during a discussion in a jacuzzi, Dan and Paulette agree to recognize that they live a beautiful friendship and that they will give each other time to see feelings of love arise even if Paulette does not feel ” no love at first sight “.

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