Love is in the meadow 2020: Lucile and Jérôme are the happy parents of a little girl

the essential Jérôme and Lucile, candidates of “Love is in the meadow” in 2020 are happy parents. The young woman gave birth to a baby girl earlier this week. The couple is swimming in happiness.

Like Jean-François, the Ariège candidate with Mélanie, this season in “Love is in the meadow”, love stories seem obvious. This was the case last year for Jérôme and Lucile. When she arrived at Jérôme’s farm in Jons in the Rhône, Lucile did not want to leave. She also gave up everything to settle in with her market gardener.

On 13 last June, the couple announced Lucile’s pregnancy. It was during the reunion episode of “Love is in the meadow”, broadcast at the end of the summer on M6, that Lucile and Jérôme revealed the sex of the infant: a little girl.

The couple indicated, with a post on Instagram, this Tuesday 12 October, that Lucile had given birth. The photo shows the baby’s little hand, surrounded by his parents’ hands, with this comment: “You + me = Us now”. The infant’s first name remains secret for now.

Lucile and Jérôme naturally received many congratulatory messages. Mathieu and Alexandre, candidates last year and installed in the Gard, wrote: “The godfather cried this morning on waking lol”.

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