Lourdes. A common concert for Sainte-Cécile from Robert Hossein

the essential Music for all tastes, this is what is offered by the musical associations gathered for a joint concert this Sunday at the Espace Robert Hossein in Lourdes.

The 3rd edition of the Sainte-Cécile joint concert will take place on Sunday 14 November at 16 at the Espace Robert Hossein.

For the third time, amateur musicians and singers from Lourdes will come together to celebrate Sainte-Cécile together.

Traditionally, the different musical societies of Lourdes separately celebrate Sainte-Cécile by providing musical entertainment for a mass in the parish church. For several years, the work in progress has forced them to find an alternative solution.

An eclectic concert

Faced with the success of this concert and the continued work in the church, the Lourdes Accordion-club, the Pyrenean women’s choir, the Chanteurs montagnards de Lourdes, and the very young Alliance Musicale de Lourdes, born from the merger, last September, the Ensemble musical de Lourdes and the Union Musicale de Lourdes, decided to meet again to offer this concert as announced by those in charge: “The Alliance Musicale de Lourdes, which brings together since September 3 Lastly, the Ensemble Musical de Lourdes and the Union Musicale de Lourdes invite you to the joint concert of Sainte-Cécile in which she participates. de Lourdes, the Pyrenean women’s choir and the AML. The usual schedule has been brought forward for the convenience of all, especially the elderly. A meeting for a moment of musical pleasure and conviviality. “

A deliberately eclectic program for the pleasure of the greatest number and for an audience which should be conquered on Sunday: “The program is voluntarily varied with sacred music, classical music, Pyrenean songs, works by the great names of the variety French such as Gainsbourg, Trénet, Balavoine, among others or even film music. As in previous years, the concert is free, with free participation for the benefit of the association “The roof of the choir” which contributes to the restoration of the ‘parish church “.

It is useful to remember that the health pass and the wearing of a mask will be compulsory, according to the regulations in force, for the safety of all.

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