Lotos and bingos: this new decree that will allow you to win more expensive prizes

the essential From now on, there will no longer be any limitation on winnings in lotto and bingos organized in the localities. A decree published this Friday in the Official Journal cancels a rule a few months old, which aimed to cap the value of each gain at 150 euros.

If you are a fan of lotto and other bingos, this will probably not escape you. For a year, you may have hit the jackpot, it did not exceed 150 euros. In question, a decree which passed last December 2020 and which limited the value of the prizes won. This time the execution has changed its tune: a new decree published this Friday, November 5 in the Official Journal repeals this limitation. From now on, there is no longer any limit on the value of the prizes offered to the public on the occasion of traditional lotto.

Several months ago, when the government decided on this limitation, several organizing associations stepped up, accusing the executive of wanting to discourage players. In any case, this is one of the reasons that had been mentioned by GSI Pontivy, a football club from Morbihan, questioned by Ouest-France .

On October 7, Michel Dagbert, senator from Pas-de-Calais, questioned the government on this subject: “ This measure is of great concern local associations which are used to organizing an annual lottery, which constitutes for them a major source of income “. Same story for the deputy of Indre-et-Loire Sophie Métadier, on 12 last October: “Since the beginning of the year, the value of each lot involved is limited to 150 euros. This regulation undermines the attractiveness of lotto and risks, in the long term, weakening the associative fabric, already strongly affected by the crisis health “, she chanted in the hemicycle of the National Assembly. Sarah El Haïry, Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement, immediately announced the cancellation of this decree.

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