Lot. Spotlight on the extras of the TV movie “Meurtres à Figeac”

the essential The shooting of the France 3 TV movie “Meurtres à Figeac” is coming to an end. Nearly 200 locally recruited extras took part in this unique adventure. Backstage meetings.

Launched less than two weeks before the start of filming, the cast of extras for the TV movie “Meurtres à Figeac” attracted many candidates. The 3rd Eye Story production was spoiled for choice and finally retained nearly 200 people who volunteered to appear in the scenes shot with the city and its surroundings as sets. A unique experience for these actors for a day. Sabrina Estival and her mother happily played the game all Saturday at the church in Le Puy. “We were summoned at 7 am and we filmed until the evening 19 hours. It was really very nice ”says the Figeacoise, known for her singing talents. “In the scene, we participated in a commemorative mass. As we were in the last group of extras, we entered the church with the main actors, Stéphane Plaza and Samira Lacchab. Normally we will be seen on screen. ”

Élisabeth Vandenbunder and her companion Pascal Boguslawski are also part of the Figeacois extras who have toured under the direction of Olivier Barma. “It’s always interesting to discover a new profession,” explains the retiree. It’s surprising how many people are needed during a shoot. It is also surprising the number of takes before the director decides which one is the right one, especially during a scene where we see an actress trying to console her friend who is sobbing. Keeping all your emotion during several takes is already not easy, but knowing how to retransmit it seems even more difficult to me. It was a great experience, especially since we were particularly well received. ”

Their filming location was in a restaurant on the corner from rue Séguier: “We were simple customers,” says Pascal Boguslawski, “who had to get up, put on our coats, and go out saying goodbye. We rehearsed the scene at least ten times. Not because we were bad, but in relation to the actors and different angles of shots… We were called at 15 and had to be available until 2 o’clock in the morning. morning, but at 19 everything was in the box. ”

Co-president of the association of traders de Figeac, Sylvie Jeanjean, for her part, shot three scenes, Place Champollion and Peyrusse-le-Roc. “It’s always interesting to discover an unknown universe and all the machinery that goes with it. Apart from the director, we don’t really know who is who, things move a lot, lots of people communicate with each other, but in a relatively calm atmosphere. At the beginning we are a little lost, but we quickly understand. In fact, an extra spends his time waiting. We can see that it’s a great organization with a very nice staff, and very nice main actors. “

The date of the TV movie has not yet been determined. It should take place on a Saturday evening on France 3 by summer 2022.

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