Lot: “Murders in Figeac”, the shooting with Stéphane Plaza is expected

the essential The shooting of the telefilm “Meurtres à Figeac” begins this Tuesday. It should last more than three weeks with the city center of the sub-prefecture as well as the municipalities of Figeacois as the backdrop.

After Rocamadour in 2013, it is in Figeac that a new TV movie from the “Meurtres à…” collection will be shot from 5 to 27 October. Broadcast on Saturday evening on France 3, this fiction, which is available in the French regions, attracts a large audience with each episode and offers a tremendous spotlight on a territory.

A project that was done quickly

For the sub-prefecture of Lot, this shoot is a godsend. “It’s a project that was done quickly,” says Sandrine Routtier, in charge of hosting the filming for the Lot at the Gindou Cinéma association. The producer 3e Oeil Story contacted me at the beginning of June, initially for a shoot planned in 2022 and then finally it was brought forward in October. I started working from afar with the manager to look for sets such as the police station and houses. We knocked on doors, made announcements and asked for help from the tourist offices and the technical services of the town hall to give them mainly resources and addresses. ”

An expected shoot in Figeac and around

About ten days ago, the production also launched a casting to recruit extras locally. All kinds of profiles were expected: police officers (real police officers welcome), passers-by, cafe patrons, students (18 – 25 years), parishioners, altar boys (over 14 years), paramedics (real paramedics welcome), waiters / waitresses (real waiters welcome for a sequence in a cafe)… The call was heard. A lot of candidates applied to appear in this new episode.

Filming begins this Tuesday in the very heart of the medieval city of Figeac. Place Champollion and the small streets of the historic center were chosen as the backdrop, for night scenes in particular.

The museum closed for three days

The Champollion Museum will also be used and will even close its doors for three days from to 12 October for the purposes of the TV movie. Scenes will also be shot outside the city, in surrounding communities. “Some private places have been chosen from surrounding villages. Part of the shooting will take place in Lentillac-Saint-Blaise, ”says Sandrine Routtier, delighted to welcome such a large production to the Lot. “There is a real shortage of filming in the Lot in particular, mainly because of the difficulty of access. This is a unit of 90 minutes for TV with three and a half weeks of shooting, knowing that Saturday will also be worked. It is a fairly large machine with about fifty people who disembark with a lot of equipment and trucks ”. For the time being, little information has filtered out on the scenario of this “Murders in Figeac”. The only confirmed indiscretion: the male headliner is host and actor Stéphane Plaza.

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