Lot: in Cahors, young people have carte blanche to express themselves in songs

the essential A dozen young people from the Cahors Terre-Rouge district have followed writing and song-making workshops.

Children from 7 to 18 who meet during the holidays to write. This is what has happened over the past two weeks. The project “Je crie, J’écris”, initiated by the Concerto Mundo association, aimed to offer songwriting and song creation workshops to a dozen young people from Terre-Rouge. It was Matthieu Guillemant, professor at the Cahors music school, who orchestrated the ensemble. A final concert presenting the culmination of their work is organized this Thursday, October 4 at 17 h 30 in the Space of the XXth centuries. The children will be accompanied by the Burkinabè percussionist, Salimata Diabaté.

The spirit before the letter, such is the motto of Matthieu Guillemant. “I wanted to show them that there was no need to do major studies to write, that it is an affordable activity for all, that there is no wrong path,” he assures. . “Besides, I left them free to make spelling mistakes because that’s often what keeps them from writing. While some mistakes can even give rise to puns.”

Writing, music and scenography

The first week was therefore devoted solely to writing, drawing inspiration from the Oulipo, the Ouvroir de literature potential, a literary movement of the twentieth century that sought to reinvent language. The goal is simple: get children to create their own texts using automatic writing as much as possible. “Little by little, they invented their own writing games. The goal was to have as many interactions as possible ”, explains Matthieu Guillemant

Matthieu Guillemant, musicien et professeur à l'école de musique de Cahors, encadrait les ateliers à Terre-Rouge.
Matthieu Guillemant, musician and teacher at the Cahors music school, supervised the workshops in Terre-Rouge. DDM

Musical writing and scenography then took precedence. “The goal was to transpose the automatic side of words to sounds,” notes the teacher. The children were accompanied for the occasion by Loïc Olivier, manager of the Grand Cahors auditorium.

Talking about everything and nothing

Mayssa and Aïssam are brother and sister. At 9 and 11, they haven’t missed a single workshop. She wrote about his relationship “with his girlfriend and the sunset”, him “about the food”. She exclaims that she writes “stories all the time at home”, admits to him that “except in class”, he did “not make too much effort to write”.

The children had carte blanche on the lyrics, the music and the scenography. DR

At the next table, Chahine, 11 years, rereads what he wrote . Entitled “The Algerian”, his text speaks “of family and friends”, with “a little humor”, he specifies. Presenting it in front of an audience does not scare him, he has already participated, under the leadership of Matthieu, in two concerts of the music school in the auditorium of Cahors.

A tribute to Ladjel

The death of Ladjel, killed with a stab on the sidelines of the funfair on 18, however severely impacted the budding group of musicians. Many knew the young man of 18 years old. “Over the week, the texts met on him, we felt a lot of anger. These moments are precisely the raison d’être of writing, ”says Matthieu Guillemant. A drama that they do not want to be silent: they will pay homage to Ladjel this Thursday evening, with their words and their music.

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