Lot-et-Garonne: Jérémy Léger, the villeneuvois songwriter who puts his black humor to music

the essential At 29 years old, the Villeneuvois Jérémy Léger follows his artistic path by becoming a songwriter. He will present his show this Thursday evening at the Raphaël-Leygues cultural center. Meet.

He says he’s more introverted than shy. But when he takes his guitar and sings the first sentences of his song “Petit chat”, the “reserved” aspect of Jérémy Léger disappears to make way for a most sarcastic poet. “Petit chat” is a rhyme with a soft melody but acidic lyrics, the very first one composed by the artist from Villeneuve-de-France 5 years ago. At that time, the young man had a passion “for words”. “I have been writing texts for a long time” book Jérémy Léger. “Then, with some friends, we started to write sketches”. A collective was born, the “Club Adakor”. But beyond the comic texts, Jérémy wants to add music to his pikes. If he has notions of bass, he took up the guitar “to accompany my lyrics.” This is how this vocation of songwriter was born.

Georges Brassens, Didier Super, there are many inspirations at Jérémy Léger. The texts are incisive, on themes as varied as they are unexpected. “It goes from animals to racism and homophobia” details the Villeneuvois. “Even when it’s ‘hard’ there is a message, I don’t like it when it’s free. I want the text to denounce. Some are shocking, but I make sure not to shock the public. ” His first scene dates back to 2016, at the Contrepoint in Agen. A show entitled … “In almost concert”. Music, and skits. Since then, spectators from Lot-et-Garonne have been able to see him at Arts en fête in Pujols, at l’Art est public in Villeneuve and on the summer stages of Agen. A nice little journey, which Jérémy now wants to professionalize.

“I want to make a living from this passion”

For the past year and a half, things have been particularly complex for the entertainment world. Long before that, the young man began to regularly publish videos on his Facebook account and his Youtube channel. He shares his compositions, alone facing the camera. But no question of revealing the content of his musical one man show. “You have to create a surprise effect, knowing that there are 16 songs in the show”. And compositions, Jérémy Léger is not lacking, although no official album has yet been released. “I have already written two albums, but they are not recorded.” From dark humor to melancholy, the Villeneuvois does not forbid anything, quite the contrary.

Since the start of the week, the 29 year-old artist has been in residence at the Raphaël-Leygues cultural center as part of VilleneuVoix. The opportunity, for several days, to perfect his playing. He is accompanied by Michel Vivoux, also a songwriter. These two were made to get along. “We mainly work on the way to end the songs” suggests Jérémy Léger. “Some songs, I’ve been playing them for four years. They’ve been better since residency.” But no question of moving his rhymes one iota. “I don’t like people touching my lyrics” smiles the singer-songwriter. The opportunity also to work on his stage performance, because the artist “wants to improvise” but “not yet comfortable enough”. The goal could not be clearer: to do everything so that this job of songwriter is his and “live from this passion”. “I have very good feedback which pushes me”.

This residency will allow him to test his progress directly in front of the public, this Thursday evening at 20 h 30. After that, he’ll be back on the roads next spring with a scheduled date already, 13 April at the café-theater in Agen. “It will be an improved version of the show” promises Jérémy Léger. With the letter of his first and last name, he even created his own logo, identifiable on his guitar. The “brand” of the villeneuvois songwriter was born, it only asks to grow.

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